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Unbeatable Lead Times

In the scenarios where competitors would turn clients down due to "impossible" lead times, we will at least give it a jolly good try! We're notoriously successful at helping clients meet tight deadlines, this is down to two things that we do here at Complete Merchandise:

1. Versatile Relationships

This is where we take full advantage of our strong, versatile relationships with our suppliers. We'll negotiate and maximise speed between processes on your behalf, until the job is done. 

2. Working Around The Clock 

We simply aren't afraid to work hard. If we need to stay till ten in the evening to tie off a project - we will! This gives us more time to connect the dots within your order, to ensure emails are sent, to check that artworks have been approved and that the delivery man makes his delivery point! We'll dive deep into your order to find you options and solutions that will ultimately enable you to meet your delivery date.