Cotton Shopping Bags

<32>Cotton Shoppers


A promotional cotton shoppers or tote bags as some might call them, are a firm favourite in the office. They are a great promotional giveaway for all sectors and their continued use ensures your brand is seen nationwide. The cotton shoppers lend themselves well to screen printing, transfer prints and on occasions embroidery.


Cotton shoppers are a sustainble option which also prevents the need for single use bags. Advertising your brand onto the range of options ensures you are sending out the right message when it comes to eco-friendly credentials.


We sometimes get asked what the 'oz' refers to on some of our cotton bags. This is the measurement of how much cotton is spun into a square yard and the fabric density rather than the actual weight of the bag. This means a 5oz cotton shopper will work out more cost effective than a 10oz but you will notice the difference as the 5oz is budget friendly and 10oz is more of a premium tote bag.


Speak to the team today and request samples (at a cost), mock-ups and prices to suit your budgets.