15 Best Promotional Christmas Gifts

15 Best Promotional Christmas Gifts

A looming September is always a nice slap in the face that Christmas is just around the corner. Before we proceed, let me share with you the best casinos to play in this season. A season where promotions are showing up on these casinos. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the sound of little cold particles falling to the ground. Some say it’s snow, whilst others say it’s cold sweat from the thought of marching back into shopping war…

Whichever one of those two groups you fit into, we’ve come to make your experience more pleasant. Whether you’re looking to express thanks to your employees or clients, or to sustain awareness of your brand or event throughout the festive month – promotional merchandise is the tool for you. Time and again, we see businesses of all sizes utilising Christmas to catapult their products and services rather than letting Santa silence them!

Below, we’ve brought together this year’s 15 best promotional Christmas gifts. The range covers all budgets and promises to make your audience feel special and befittingly festive.

1. Tea Filters

These loose-leaf promotional Tea Infusers offer an unmissable touch of Christmas and a high-end feel that you’d want in any gift.

2. Raffaello Sets

Caption not necessary. You only have to look at these Raffaello Sets to know that they’re awesome!

3. Christmas Mugs with Spoon

Many would concur with me when I say that Christmas equals tea, coffee and hot chocolate indulgence time. These branded Christmas Mugs with Spoons make for great festive sidekicks for such activities.

4. Contour Night Oro Ballpens

These promotional Contour Night Oro Ballpens offer a premium look with a very low price tag! Your audience or loved ones will never believe that these beauties hardly made a dent in your wallet.

5. Slate Decorations

Brand new to the scene, these promotional Slate Decorations are high in quality and deliver that sought-after rustic look. Although promotional items are not always that exquisite. This one unique logo item is both a fun and a stress relief. Consider a Promotional Stress Balls as a present to your employees and you will know who has sense of humor.

6. Christmas Baubles in Music Boxes

Add a traditional touch to your gift with these promotional Music Boxes. But that’s not all, inside contains a wonderfully festive single bauble, too!

7. Christmas Coffee Stencils

Year in, year out we push these! Why? Because they’re affordable and great festive fun for two things we all love – tea and coffee!

8. Dutch Caramel Waffles

Adding these yumtastically delicious Waffles to the list hasn’t done my stomach any favours – shush down there! Simply place the waffle above a steaming cup of tea or coffee and watch the caramel begin melting before your eager eyes.

9. Virtual Reality Sets

Finally, a bit of modern-day tech. Affordable and screams on-trend! Great for younger and more extroverted audiences.

10. Drones

The king of gadgets was bound to make the list. If you want your brand or message to hit hard, give your audience or special client one of these bad boys!

11. Spiced Biscuits

If these don’t make you feel Christmassy, the only hope you have left is to witness Santa in the flesh! Promotional Spiced Biscuits decorated with a festive ribbon – no, still nothing… pffft I give up.

12. Festive Candles

Christmas-themed candles are a no-brainer! Great for branding and perfect for warming the heart by the tree or at the table.

13. Christmas Teddy Bears

Something for the kids or for the one you love! Classic Christmas Teddy Bears are tried-and-tested gifts that really do make people feel special.

14. Diaries

Promotional Notebooks, branded notebooks, promotional gifts

Glam up somebodies entire year with these high-end promotional Castelli Diaries. Brand awareness that stretches over multiple months = money well spent.

15. Chocolate Baubles

No, please! No more mouth-watering chocolate! Understandably, your recipients will experience the same guilty whilst joyful desire to chomp these down as soon as they see them. These promotional Chocolate Baubles are made of retail-quality chocolate (33% cocoa), meaning it tastes as good as it looks!

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