15 New and Trending Promotional Merchandise 2017

15 New and Trending Promotional Merchandise 2017

Returning from a valuable visit to this year’s Promotional Product Expo (PPExpo) – the industry’s largest gathering of promotional merchandise suppliers – we are fortified with knowledge on what’s new and trending this year!

Why is this information important? Knowing what’s fresh and exciting will enable businesses (you) to choose merchandise that will trigger curiosity and strengthen memorability in your branded gift or giveaway – and that means more bang for your buck! For example, a tech company can guarantee a greater and longer-lasting response from their fans by giving away 2017-entry flying drones rather than a standard USB stick. Spend your cash on merchandise that HIT HARD (not literally…).

Below, we introduce you to our 2017’s branded merchandise hot list!


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1. Full-colour, wrap-around print Bobble Bottles

One of 2017’s greatest discoveries is Bobble Bottle’s new full-colour, wrap-around print option! What used to be a small, single-colour print space down the centre is now an unmissable advertising opportunity for your brand or message to shine!


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2. Flying Drones

Drones are escaping our TVs and into our everyday lives – embrace the future, people! You’re guaranteed to leave jaws anchored to the floor with these promotional Drones as gifts or giveaways.


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3. Completely Bespoke Notebooks

Introducing 2017’s completely personalisable Notebooks! With these, you’re advertising potential is more in your control than ever. Choose between different colours, materials, ribbon specifications, paper styles, sleeves, and more!



4. The Denim Range

Denim is officially – IN! Made with 8oz denim, these two brand new promotional bags will add stylish intent to any bag-wielding situation!


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5. Infuser Range

Selling faster than a rocket full of monkeys, these promotional Infuser Bottles are both stylish and useful for anyone looking for nutrient and flavour-rich water! 2017 comes with brand new designs that will not disappoint.



6. Inflatable Sofas

From flatpack to sofa with a swoosh, a swish, a roll, and a clip! These durable promotional Inflatable Sofas are perfect for festivals, beaches, and most outdoor environments. Oh, and did we mention the unmissable print space across the side?



7. Colour-Changing Wireless Speakers

Looking for a tech gift with the wow factor that screams ‘retail’ and ‘damn, I wish I got this for Christmas instead of that jumper with the protruding carrot nose’. Stunning simplistic design and premium-feel build, you’ll quickly get your money’s worth in impact and memorability!



8. Premium Projectors 

Ever wondered what a top-of-the-market, functionally superior and aesthetically jaw-dropping product looks like? Well – here you are! This XGIMI Cc can project up to 300 inches of HD Ready entertainment with clear auto-focusing lenses. This high definition video is backed up by audio experts JBL, with dual 40mm speakers that create clear layered acoustic sound. This promotional wonder is a perfect business gift from one large corporation to another, or simply a sure-fire way of winning a very important audience member’s attention.



9. VR Sets

Any what’s-trending list with real substance will include Virtual Reality Sets, one of 2017’s fastest blooming entertainment accessories. These will certainly achieve instant and impactful impressions; show your audience that you know what’s hot and what’s not!



10. RF ID Signal Blocker

2017 brings forth the more tech-savvy younger sister of the classic card holder that we already know and love! These single cardholders are designed to block RFID readers from scanning your identity, credit cards, debit cards, banking information, smartcards, and more. Arm your audience as they step into another technologically evolving year!


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11. Car Phone Holders

These brand new promotional Smart Magnetos couldn’t make it easier for you to enjoy hands-free viewing on your smartphone. Featuring a very strong adhesive base and powerful magnet, the Magneto will keep your product safe and secure. When your product is attached, it will have 360° degree rotation allowing for both a landscape and portrait set-up.


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12. Car Boot Organisers

Equipped with a front pocket, handy handles and huge inner space to fit your car accessories, these promotional Car Boot Organisers are perfect for any brand looking to target the on-the-road market. Offering a large printing space on the front face, this is an affordable product you’d do well to consider!


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13. Soft-Touch Pens

This year at the PPExpo, rather than juicing up the ‘aesthetics’ of their products, people were raving about the ‘feel’ and ‘texture’ of their merchandise champions. The tactile sensation plays a significant role in the user’s experience of the product. These soft-touch Sunny Pens are gorgeously soft to the touch and come in a range of unmissable colours.


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14. Luxury Castelli Notebooks

If royalty existed in the realm of notebooks, these would rule as king and queen. These Castelli Notebooks, Black and Gold Collection,  exude big-money and a whiff of antiquity; put it this way, your gift will NOT go unapplauded.


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15. Supotsu Fitness Watches

With exceptional leaders like Fitbit catapulting health watches into the market, the merchandise industry has struck this opportunity with an impressive right hook! Introducing our favourite this year: Supotsu. These beautiful Bluetooth health wristbands track your steps, calories burned, sleep, alarm mode, income calling notice, taking picture function, and anti-lost alert. Need to impress your audience and get them to REALLY listen? This is your answer.