6 Promotional Ideas to boost your business this Easter

6 Promotional Ideas to boost your business this Easter

We’ve come up with 6 Easter promotion ideas that you can incorporate into your marketing sales strategy this year. Aside from them, you can also contact companies like Avensure small business HR service in order to take your business up a notch.

1. Gift Incentive

You can offer your customers an Easter gift incentive when they make a purchase. Whether it be a small gift you add to each sale you make or a well thought out gift set that encourages sales i.e. buy XYZ or spend X to get limited edition gift set. This would undoutedly boost sales; so effective is this method that one day, you’d need to deploy ewm just because of how brisk and huge your business would’ve become.

A small gift could be an Easter chocolate bar or net of assorted colour mini eggs.

A limited edition gift set could incorporate something that is put together from your own line of products which is held together in a luxury gift bag. I.e. if you are in the automotive industry, you could possible put together a car kit of useful items such as air freshener, boot tidy, parking ticket holder etc.

Easter Gift Tin
Easter Gift Tin

2. Say Thank you & Remember us

Give a gift of a card to resurrect customers whom may have forgotten you or to just say thank you to your loyal ones. Jog the memory of some customers whom may not remember you, a reminder can encourage consumers to visit your store or stimulate a purchase. You can even give out a discount code or voucher to sweeten the deal. As they say, its much easier to gain the business from someone you have dealt with before than someone completely new.

easter promotion
Promotional Easter Chocolate Rabbit Happy Easter Card

3. Hold an Easter Extravaganza event

Hold an Easter event to draw in the crowd whether it be an Easter Egg hunt or decorate an egg, its a way to get consumers to flock to your store and at the same time, hopefully make a purchase whilst creating positive brand awareness for your company.

Promotional Easter Micro Egg in a Box

4. Create a competition

We all like a freebie so a chance to win something for free does capture the attention especially if the task is fun and the reward is good. I.e. count the number of eggs in this clear tank or find all the Easter eggs on this flyer for a chance to win. If they guess correctly they could be entered into a raffle for the main prize and if they haven’t won the main prize you can still offer a discount code or voucher to spend at your store. Win-Win.

Easter Organza of mini Eggs in assorted colours

5. Reward Loyalty

For those special customers who buy time and time again, this is a very good opportunity to say thank you again with a customised Easter egg. Another way to stamp your brand onto your customers to give them another reason to stick with you instead of your competitors.

Promotional Easter Shape Easter Egg Box

6. Give Tips

Easter is also a time where all the Children have their Easter break from school. With so many events during this period, it might be a good idea to give parents something like a magnet to place onto their fridge with a list of upcoming key events or tips of things to do at Easter. Your brand will be in front of their eyes for a whole month.

easter promotion
Promotional Easter Header Card Easter Egg Bags

If you would like help with promotional items with this Easter contact the friendly Complete Merchandise Team on 01420 478866 or e-mail info@completemerchandise.co.uk

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