Ais Agreement

MarineTraffic or its related companies are not liable or liable by negligence or to any other person who is not a party to this agreement for (i) information, data or advice that MarineTraffic expressly or implicitly provides or (ii) any act, omission or inaccuracy of MarineTraffic. Nothing in this sublicensing agreement is interpreted to create rights for the benefit of a person who is not participating in this sublicensing agreement, with the exception of MarineTraffic, which is supposed to be a third party beneficiary of this sublicensing contract. The terms and phrases used in this section that are not defined in this agreement have the meaning of applicable data protection legislation for processing activities agreed between the two parties. It is recommended to read this section in conjunction with our privacy statement, available on the token.io/privacy provider`s website. Using the MarineTraffic.com website, mobile applications, APIs, premium services or other information provided as part of the MarineTraffic services (a marineTraffic or “Service” package), you enter into a legally binding agreement with Exmile Solutions Limited, London, United Kingdom, on the basis of the following conditions, the Hague Privacy Directive and the Marine Penal Prison User Agreement (collectively referred to as “Terms of Use”) and you were to become “users” of the navy (“”). If you do not accept these conditions, you are not allowed to access or use our service. If you use our service, your use will be considered confirmation of your consent to the terms and authorization to be a contracting party to this binding contract. “This amended agreement provides Earth with a reduced and simplified cost structure for our satellite AIS data services that will be available in the future,” said Peter Mabson, CEO of exactEarth. “The amended agreement opens up additional growth opportunities for both parties and strengthens our alliance with L3Harris in providing advanced and powerful maritime satellite services to customers around the world.” All amounts payable under this agreement are defined as VAT or relevant local sales taxes for which the customer is responsible. Subject to a contrary agreement between the parties, the royalties remain fixed for the duration of the relevant declaration of work. If the customer does not pay payment due to the supplier under this contract on the due date, the customer must occasionally pay interest on the amount owed 4% per year above the Bank of England`s basic interest rate (www.bankofengland.co.uk/boeapps/iadb/Repo.asp), without limiting the corrective actions taken by the supplier under this agreement.