Autumn & Winter Merchandise That People Will Love

Autumn & Winter Merchandise That People Will Love

Whilst we wave our sad goodbyes to summer, we mustn’t forget that autumn and winter are fruitful business seasons too. So, let’s go slice ourselves a piece of that pie!

Whatever your budget looks like, we’ve got something for you to get your marketing mitts onto. Below, we’ve mixed together our most-popular range with some completely new and exciting pieces of merchandise that will certainly get your brand talking during the colder seasons.

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Humidifier, Night Light & Diffuser

Colder air means drier air! Maintain the moisture in your home with these brand new promotional Humidifiers which also act as night lights too! What’s more, they can be used as an aroma diffuser. And if you’re the one to smoke every night after supper, get a cigar humidifier. If you’re looking to give away something with real use and purpose, this is it!

Zermatt Fleece Blankets

These aren’t just your everyday blankets, these feature an inner layer of fleece heaven! Warm up your audiences by giving them something they’d truly appreciate during autumn and winter.

Mugs with Spoons

As soon as it gets a bit chilly, expect steaming beverages and guilt-ensuing snacks to fly out of hibernation (yes, we know you do it too…). Take advantage of these modern-day habits by arming your consumers with branded mugs with spoons!

Tampa Double-Walled Mugs

If you’re looking for that cool factor with a seasoning of stop-and-stare muscle, these Tampa Double-Walled Mugs will give you that and more! Built using slick steel and dressed with an abstract patterning, your gift will not go unnoticed and certainly won’t be left at the back of the cupboard to rust.

Classic-Style Umbrellas

Add an unmistakably classic look to your gift with these wooden-handle promotional Umbrellas. Make the most out of the rain without costing your budget an arm and a leg. What’s more, you can choose between eleven exciting colours.

Hand Warmers

These affordable little promotional Hand Warmers make for fantastic giveaways during the colder months. Offering a decent print area and a variety of much-loved colours, these are to be seriously considered when pirouetting through your marketing ideas!

Light-Up Tree & Star

Don’t these look gorgeous?! Words not necessary to illustrate just how fun and festive these illuminating decorations are (insert heart-eyed emoji). These won’t cost you a pretty penny, they offer a decent print area, and are high in quality – what more could you ask for!

Ice Scrapers

Everybody could do with a branded Ice Scraper! For those who are shaking their heads saying “nah, not true”, you know you’ve, at least once, experienced imprisonment by ice at 7:30 in the morning whilst desperately trying to inform your boss of said imprisonment. Low cost and notoriously practical, think about promotional Ice Scrapers in your next marketing effort.


Promotional Ponchos are hugely affordable and indispensable for travelers and event goers during autumn and winter. If you’re business pertains to travelling audiences or outdoor environments, these will be worth every penny.

Screen-Compatible Gloves

It’s clear that the modern man is a hopeless sucker for using their devices whenever and wherever they are – especially whilst on the go. Accommodate your consumers with screen-compatible gloves so that they can tap away without having to endure the unwavering, merciless assault of winter (yes, melodrama runs in the family).

Light Bulb Torches

These are our favourite new arrivals; colourful, innovative, and thematically fun. Why settle for normal torches when you can give away one of these promotional Light Bulb Torches that seem to make everybody who sees it, smile! Perfect for kids, travelers and creative audiences.

Caramel Dutch Waffles

We conducted a very important taste check on these last week (and maybe repeated the same check this morning too), allowing us to affirm just how mouth-wateringly good these Dutch Waffles are! Coupled with a hot beverage, a melting caramel centre awaits your guiltless devouring.

Hand Sanitisers

How do you expect to march into winter bacterial war without these locked and loaded on ‘ur belt? Promotional Hand Sanitisers are extremely popular merchandise choices for the colder side of the year as they’re affordable, offer a sizeable print area, and are genuinely very useful.