Bamboo & Rice Drinkware – The New Favourite!

Bamboo & Rice Drinkware – The New Favourite!

We’re simply IN LOVE with this new collection of promotional bamboo and rice drinkware! Made from a masterful combination of high-quality bamboo and rice fibre, each item is either fully or partially recyclable and can be used as many times as you like. From our experience, we’ve learned that target consumers don’t respond well to bland and boring; they respond to new and exciting. Not to mention, the planet is overrun by coffee lovers – take advantage of it!

To be green is to be cool nowadays. An eco-friendly approach will certainly win you some unique brownie points with your audience (and other companies), which will manifest itself in the form of greater business.

Without further ado, let me direct your curious eyes to our collection of bamboo and rice drinkware, below!

Bamboo Coffee To-Go Tumbler

This unique bamboo coffee tumbler comes with 304 food grade and rustproof stainless steel interior walls and an organic bamboo exterior. Perfect size to fit most coffee machines. Keep your drinks hot for up to 3hrs and cold for up to 6hrs. Get them here.

Bamboo Drinking Cup

Reusable cup made from 100% natural bamboo. Can be used for tea and coffee, but also great as a bowl for snacks. The cup is made by hand from a bamboo stem making each one unique. The size as also capacity varies each cup. Get them here.

Chan Bamboo Double Wall Cover Flask

Double wall stainless steel insulated vacuum flask with bamboo outer cover. Capacity 400 ml. Get them here.

Rice Husk Coffee Cup

Classic 350ml reusable coffee cup which is manufactured from a 50/50 blend of natural rice husk fibre and BPA-free polypropylene. Features include a secure screw-on lid and a heat-resistant silicone band. Get them here.

Reusable mugs can save you money, EVERYDAY!

Did you know that some of the largest coffee companies in the world have begun discounting beverages for those who take in their own reusable mugs (for all the coffee lovers who know this already – take this as a rhetorical question…). Check out this BBC Article to see how much your audience could save by using any of our travel mugs above.

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