Beware Of Chinese New Year Delays To Promotional Merchandise

Beware Of Chinese New Year Delays To Promotional Merchandise



This february 19th, mass celebration within the world of Chinese culture will take place as Chinese New Year makes a loud and colourful return! However, why should you beware of this joyous event?

As this celebration isn’t a national holiday for us over here in the UK, we often forget that the factories over in China actually cease production for around 3 – 4 weeks during this event. Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday for Chinese people (similar to our Christmas), and this results in the need to add 3 – 4 weeks on top of your normal lead time. So what normally would be a standard 2 – 3 weeks lead time, will unfortunately crank up to around 7 weeks. So keep the Chinese New Year delays fully in mind and don’t get caught out!

Easy steps to avoid problems

  • Make and complete orders in much time prior to the event, so deliveries can be completed before factories close.
  • Locate UK & Europe-sourced merchandise alternatives.
  • Work together with your promotional suppliers to avoid this hurdle.

Benefits of Far East sourced merchandise

Though a large amount of promotional merchandise is sourced from the UK and Europe, there are often financial benefits to sourcing merchandise from the Far East instead – mainly China – giving you the same product for a much lower price!

Typical items would include promotional USB’s, key rings, silicone giveaways, bang bang sticks and much more.

promotional twister usb memory sticks
Promotional twister usb memory sticks
silicone phone stand
Silicone Card Holder phone stand
Promotional Soft Enamel Locker Token Keyrings
Promotional Soft Enamel Locker Token Keyrings







Have a fast delivery date to meet? Then contact Complete Merchandise team, we’ve in the past managed to turn some items around within 24 hrs (depending on the item) so just ask to see what is possible. 01420 478866 or

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