But I Can’t Help Falling in … Logos! – Valentine’s Merch❤️

Valentine's Day Blog. Your guide to merchandise for valentine's day. Merchandise. Printed Custom Merchandise for Valentines.

But I Can’t Help Falling in … Logos! – Valentine’s Merch❤️

Your Guide to Valentines Merch 2024!

Wise men sail..

Whilst we continue to hum to this iconic love song, lets talk about Valentine’s Day Merchandise! Valentines is the perfect opportunity to show your ‘love’ or in more professional terms, your appreciation to your valued team and clients. Use this holiday to show gratitude and spoil your fellow 9-5’ers or even if you work beyond these hours (i can only aspire to be like you!), your hardworking colleagues, faithful clients or even brad who attended your stall at the last exhibition, all deserve a little pick-me-up. 

We’ve combed through our website and even gathered a few new recruits, to give you all the merchandise inspiration you need. 

Flowers? Chocolates? or Notebooks?

Heart shaped truffles. Custom Chocolates. Valentine's day Merch.

Raspberry Heart Chocolate Truffles

Elevate your Valentine’s Day with our delicious Raspberry heart-shaped Truffles. Secured by an elastic ribbon and adorned with a heart-shaped tag, this eco-friendly delight is crafted from food-safe card. A sweet and sustainable expression of love for a memorable celebration.

Custom Flower Pots. Custom Seedlings. Custom Ceramic Grow Kit. Custom Valentine's Merch.

Ceramic Grow Kit

Name a better duo than flowers and Valentine’s? Choose our Ceramic Grow Kit—a refined blend of simplicity and style. Select from an array of seeds, including flowers, herbs, or vegetables, and present them in a tastefully designed ceramic pot. The inclusion of a full-color printed card sleeve adds a professional touch to this elegant and thoughtful gift, perfect for Valentines!

Custom Valentines day Pen. Custom Printed Pen. Light Up Pen. Heart Shaped Pen.

ROMEO Heart shape light top ball pen

Introducing our Romeo Light-Up Ball Pen, a fusion of professionalism and charm. Crafted from durable plastic, this pen features a heart-shaped soft rubber top with a discreet blinking light, ‘light up this Valentines’. Activated by a gentle tap, it provides a subtle, refined illumination. With a blue ink refill, this pen combines functionality with fun!

Promotional Custom A5 Notebooks. Various Printing options available for notebooks. Printed Notebooks. Debossed Notebooks. Foil Print Notebooks. Merchandise for Employees.

Watson A5 Notebook & Pen Set

Love notes or reminders for the next team meeting.. The Watson A5 Notebook & Pen Set—an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for professionals. The soft-touch PU cover and matching pen add a touch of sophistication. With 160 ivory lined pages, date marks, and convenient details like a ribbon, pen loop, and elastic closure, it strikes the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality. Customise it with spot color printing, debossing, foil blocking, or digital printing to make it uniquely yours. A thoughtful and practical way to boost productivity.

Insulated Travel Mug. Copper Mug. Stainless Steel Mug. Custom Printed Mug.

Bjorn 360 ml RCS certified recycled stainless steel mug

In a working day, whats a better love language than a hot beverage? The Bjorn Mug—a perfect balance of sustainability and sophistication. Crafted from RCS certified recycled stainless steel and responsibly sourced beech wood. The copper vacuum insulation guarantees drinks to remain at their prime temperature. Engineered for minimal heat transfer, this 360 ml capacity mug combines a BPA-free design with a dedicated commitment to recycled materials. the Bjorn Mug seamlessly blends eco-consciousness with style.

Personalised sweethearts. Heart Shaped gummies. Sweets. Heart Sweets. Organza bag. Valentine's day merch.

Heart Gummies Organza Bag

Spread joy this Valentine’s Day with our Heart Gummies Organza Bag. Indulge in delicious jelly sweets packaged in a reusable organza bag. Feel good knowing the bag is eco-friendly—made from recyclable plastic. The cute swing tag, printed on recyclable card, adds a personal touch. Treat your team and clients to soemthing sweet!

custom printed cotton shopper. Merchandise giveaway.


Inspire sustainability with our Eccleston Foldable Shopper—a Valentine’s Day gift that combines style and eco-consciousness. Crafted from recycled cotton, this foldable shopper not only reduces environmental impact but also offers a spacious canvas for your company logo. Embrace sustainable fashion and brand with purpose.

Boost your company morale and productivity..

Valentine’s Day promotional merchandise strategically elevates company morale and productivity. Thoughtful gifts; whether they are branded office supplies or personalised tokens, express appreciation and foster a positive workplace culture. As well as, reinforcing brand identity through logo-bearing items.

The impact of showing gratitude to your team extends beyond the immediate response, it boosts employee motivation and satisfaction. By creating an environment where employees feel valued and integral to the company’s success, you really keep the team spirit strong!