Chief Operating Officer Employment Agreement

It is important to understand that almost all COO agreements have a “merger clause.” This clause stipulates that all prior or written or written agreements or assurances will be taken into account in the contract. What would be the impact on you? If the CEO or your champion has made certain statements about the status of the company, your role or the things expected and if you rely on these replacements to return to the job, but those conditions are not included in your contract, the company may then, on the basis of the merger clause, argue that it has no obligation to you for such things. presented to you. Therefore, it is advisable to include all the keywords you rely on to take this position. In addition to your duties, authority and reports, your coo employment contract should also deal with employers who were the main reasons for your decision to accept the position. 9. Confidential information. COO acknowledges that as a result of this employment, it will purchase confidential and proprietary information, including, but not limited to, information relating to the company`s business activities, trade secrets, design information, proprietary information, ip information, customer and customer lists, personnel information, financial information , business plans and marketing information for the company (“Confidential Information”). COO undertakes not to disclose confidential information for the duration of the agreement, after the termination of the employment or to allow others. The above restrictions apply only in the geographic areas for which you have been responsible in the last twelve (12) months of your employment with the company.

The restrictions in this paragraph do not prohibit you from holding securities of a company operating in such a transaction, which is held and traded in the public domain, but which may at no time exceed 5 (5) per cent of a class of shares or securities of that company. In addition, during the non-competitive period, you cannot request or take into account suppliers or customers with whom the company or its associated companies have a business relationship to terminate such a business relationship with the entity or its related companies. (e) Signing bonus. COO receives a $15,000.00 signing bonus from the company. In addition, COO receives 1,200,000 options from the company`s portfolio of common shares, subject to a one-year stumbling block, of which 25% are earned one year after the start of employment for COO and are then generated monthly (on an annual basis of 25%) three years later. This job offer is subject to the verification and execution of all company153s standard documents, including, but not necessarily,: (k) Litigation Assistance.