Christmas Merchandise – Branding the Business Boom!

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Christmas Merchandise – Branding the Business Boom!

Christmas isn’t just a time for festive celebrations and get-togethers, it’s also a booming and lucrative period for businesses. Audiences are active, consumers are clicking, and shoppers are shopping! Take advantage of this time by giving away or selling promotional merchandise to create greater brand awareness for your products or services. Use them to oil the relationship clogs between you and potential customers!

We have a huge range of effective Christmas merchandise that suits every budget, every sentiment and every time scale (so those last-minute decision makers can meet tight deadlines – you know who you are!). Our range includes everything from low-cost novelties such as Christmas-themed pens, Santa hats, stockings, stress toys, and festive cards; decorations such as candles and baubles; lanyards; to drinkware!

Click on the image below to reach some of our most popular Christmas merchandise choices! Call our friendly team on 01420 478866 or email us at to enquire!