Disposable Paper Cup Sizes

Disposable Paper Cup Sizes

Paper cup sizing may sound both sleep-inducing and painful; however, it doesn’t need to be that way! Below, we’ve created a simple and easy-to-follow guide on branded paper cup sizes based on one of our favourite coffee companies: Starbucks (even though they’re solely responsible for my over-consumption of caffeine… we’ll leave that for another blog).


4oz Disposable Paper Cups

The smallest of them all. Commonly used for espresso shots and taster pots. Lids are rarely required (though are available) and come single-walled. Click to find this product.

Volume: 114ml (approx.)

Top Diameter: 61mm

Bottom Diameter: 45mm

Height: 65mm

8oz Disposable Paper Cups

These will be your “Short” in Starbucks. This sizeis notoriously popular for events, festivals and exhibitions. Lids are advisable if they’re to be used in a busy environment. They come in single-walled and double-walled versions.  Click to find this product.

Volume: 227ml (approx.)

Top Diameter: 80mm

Bottom Diameter: 56mm

Height: 90mm

12oz Disposable Paper Cups

These will be your “Tall” (small) in Starbucks. Great if you want to serve a standard-sized beverage. They come in single-walled and double-walled versions. Click to find this product.

Volume: 341ml (approx.)

Top Diameter: 90mm

Bottom Diameter: 56mm

Height: 115mm

16oz Disposable Paper Cups

These will be your “Grande” (medium) in Starbucks. Perfect for when you want your drink to last that little bit longer. This is the second most popular size for hot drinks after the 12oz cup. Click to find this product.

Volume: 455ml (approx.)

Top Diameter: 90mm

Bottom Diameter: 56mm

Height: 136mm

20oz Disposable Paper Cups

These will be your “Venti” (large) at Starbucks, and share the same volume as a standard British pint glass. Plastic 20oz cups would make perfect substitutes for pint glasses to reduce harmful incidents. Click to find this product.

Volume: 568ml (approx.)

Top Diameter: 90mm

Bottom Diameter: 62mm

Height: 152mm

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Note: Measurements were based on single or double-walled Paper Cups. The dimensions will vary depending on the type of cup (plastic, polystyrene, double-walled, etc). The dimensions will also vary from different manufacturers. For accuracy, it’s best to request a sample before you order. Starbucks size guide: http://starbucksorder.tumblr.com/drinksizes