Edibles Promotional Ideas 2015

Edibles Promotional Ideas 2015

Anyone and everyone, is more than likely to fall victim to a sugary promotional edible! A positive gesture (or a cheeky bribe, so to speak), that’s not going to dent your budget and will convey your message directly, with great strength.

We take much pride in maintaining and expanding our edibles section, this way, we know customers can come to one place and know that they have all the best and most mouth-watering options, right at their fingertips!

Our edibles section ranges from extremely low-cost mints, to more high-end, bespoke chocolates! This way, any audience can be suited for and reached. As always, we provide you with the absolute lowest prices at incredible lead times. And if that isn’t enough, we whip up super fast visuals for you free of charge!

Feast your eyes on this month’s delicious Edibles Snapshot 2015!



Chocolate Santa Lollies –BIT-DC041

Chocolate Football Men – BIT-MEN

Belgium Milk Chocolate Bars –CPM-BAR85 

Round Retro Sweets – LQL-110206 

Sweet Tube Jelly Beans – LQL-GMT TUBE

Large Paint Tin Jelly Beans – LQL- GMT BEANS

Assorted Flat Lollies – BIT-LOLLYLABEL

Fortune Cookies – SWI-COOKIE

Tea Bags – BIT-TEA

Popcorn – BIT-POP

Heart Shaped Mints – IME-1484

Lily O’Brien Chocolate (4x) – LQL-4BOX

Click Clack Mints Tins – CPM-CLICK

Easter Egg – BIT-EGG

Valentine’s Chocolate Hearts – BIT-HEARTCUBE 


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