Grab the New Year by the Business Horns

Grab the New Year by the Business Horns

This blog post is designed to inspire and guide businesses on how to kick off the new year with a powerful enough bang that even their future employees can feel it! Our weapon of choice: promotional merchandise.

Why is NOW more important than ever?

When we say “now”, we mean between December and February; the quiet period, the planning period, and the customers-are-kinda-broke period. Commonly, businesses would feel a drop of momentum straight after the Christmas holiday due to this. So what can we do? Well, promotional merchandise is a sure-fire way to soften the fall of business and is often used to reignite it. Branded goods are an excellent way of creating more awareness for your products and services so that they have a much better run when summer hits (mid-year business boom).

Below, we’ve listed six tried-and-tested ways to use promotional merchandise to maintain and increase business momentum.

1. Competition prizes

Competitions are notoriously effective at stirring up momentum when times are feeling a little dry. Choose items of medium-to-high value: USB Sticks, Powerbanks, Virtual Reality Glasses, premium Drinking Bottles, desirable pieces of clothing, high-end Pens. You could easily boost social media statistics (Facebook likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers) by offering to put all new likes/followers into a raffle to win a gift. You can also contact The Marketing Heaven company if you are looking to boost social signals for your Youtube account.

2. Incentives

Promotional merchandise have been proven to significantly increase response rates. If your business benefits from more subscribers, a great way to increase subscriptions and join rates is to offer to reward those who do. Typical incentives include Pens, Keyrings, Phone Holders/Stands, and Reusable Bags.

3. New Year introductory/welcome packs

Take advantage of the giving nature that surrounds New Year’s Day by offering to give something yourself. During this period, audiences will be more receptive and resultantly more responsive if a gift is involved. Utilise the – welcoming of recipient into the new year – as a tool to remove the cold facade that consumers often attach to marketing moves. If you introduce your brand/product/service alongside a gift and a New Year’s offer using long tail keywords in your seo, you’re more likely to end up in somebody’s mind than in their bin.

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4. Creating awareness for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)

The GDPR will apply to the UK from 25th May 2018. Promotional merchandise is a great way of informing your internal workforce about the new regulations as described in this guide about how to manage your workforce. We’ve already had clients ordering notebooks and mouse mats which list out GDPR information on the covers.

5. All-year-round reminders

There are hundreds of promotional merchandise options with long marketing lives (e.g. Calendars, USB Sticks, Mugs). These are very effective as the cost per impression will become much lower, meaning more bang for your buck in the long run. Ensure your brand and message is in the visual space of your target audience at home and in the office, all throughout the year!

6. Show Appreciation

Clients and employees have the potential to be unpredictably fickle – especially the former. Therefore, never forget to show them that they are special and important to your business. Branded merchandise is an effective tool for reminding your clients that you appreciate them and that you are there for them. Similarly, extend a genuine sense of recognition and care towards your employees to generate loyalty and a higher level of performance within your workforce. Internal gift packs are extremely common in medium to top-tier companies, a way for directors and leaders to reach out to a larger team. Typical merchandise choices for gift packs: Mugs, Sports Bottles, Travel Mugs, Reusable Bags, Pens, Headphones, Personal Diaries, USB Sticks, Powerbanks. Remember, the less work-related the gifts are the better. Nobody wants to be “gifted” a file organiser that’s to be used at work – yawnnnnnn!

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