High Quality H2O! Promotional Water Bottle Alternatives for Beating the Summer Heat

High Quality H2O! Promotional Water Bottle Alternatives for Beating the Summer Heat

Remember the Chilly’s bottle craze back in 2018-19? It was the must-have bottle for everyone across the nation. Since then, competition among drinkware companies has surged, with brands introducing water bottles in various shapes and sizes. For the past two years, Stanley, Owala, and Hydro Flask have been vying for the top spot in the drinkware market, each aiming to attract loyal consumers. With the rise of TikTok and its many influencers, the Water Bottle TikTok craze remains a popular and entertaining trend in drinkware consumerism. 

As Summer approaches, days will get longer and hotter, and our thirst to consume water increases. Whether it’s in the workplace or to your customers, now is the perfect time to promote hydration, and create custom water bottles for your business! 

This blog will guide you through the benefits of hydration, and showcase some of our stylish and favourite reusable water bottles. Ensuring that everyone will soon be clamouring to get the same type of bottle as you!

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The Benefits of Hydration & Reusable Water Bottles

Health and Well-being

Water is essential for nearly every bodily function. It helps regulate temperature, keeps joints lubricated, prevents infections, and delivers nutrients to cells. Proper hydration can improve sleep quality, cognition, and mood. For employees, staying hydrated means better focus, increased energy levels, and a lower risk of headaches and fatigue. In the summer, the risk of dehydration is higher due to increased sweat loss, making it even more critical to drink enough water.

Cost-Effective Solution

While the initial investment in reusable water bottles might seem significant, it can save money in the long run. Providing bottled water can be expensive over time, and encouraging the use of reusable bottles can cut these costs. Furthermore, a healthier, well-hydrated workforce can lead to fewer sick days and higher productivity, further benefiting the business financially. 

Company Exposure and Representation 

In addition to benefiting employees, distributing printed bottles in the company’s corporate colours and branded logo presents a significant marketing opportunity to enhance brand awareness. As employees carry their water bottles, they promote the company brand wherever they go.

Environmental Sustainability

Single-use plastic bottles contribute significantly to environmental pollution. By switching to reusable water bottles, businesses can reduce their environmental footprint. Reusable bottles made from sustainable materials such as stainless steel or BPA-free plastic are durable and can be used repeatedly, reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans.

Promoting a Culture of Health and Sustainability

By providing reusable water bottles, businesses send a clear message that they care about their employees’ health and the environment. This can improve company culture, boost employee morale, and enhance the company’s reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking organisation. Employees are more likely to feel valued and motivated when they see that their employer is committed to their well-being and sustainable practices.

Convenience and Accessibility

Providing employees with reusable water bottles makes it easier for them to keep water at their desks and stay hydrated throughout the day. When water is easily accessible, employees are more likely to drink it regularly. This simple tool can significantly boost water intake and promote a healthier, more hydrated workforce.

Our Top 5 Premium Water Bottle Choices

Vadar Soft Feel Bottle

Stunning soft-feel aluminium single-walled bottle. Its stylish design is complemented by a flip-secure lock cap and an integrated carry handle, ensuring both convenience and security on the go. With a generous 700ml capacity, this bottle is the perfect companion for all your hydration needs, whether you're at the gym, office, or exploring the outdoors.

Tidan 600ml Borosilicate Glass Bottle

Eco-friendly reusable water bottle that provides a pure water drinking experience. The bottle is made from durable borosilicate glass which conserves the pure real fresh taste of water, and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Features a silicone grip with a leakproof lid made of organic bamboo. Volume capacity is 600 ml. By removing the grip and lid the bottle is dishwasher safe.

Topflask Premium RCS Recycled Steel Drinking Bottle

Double-walled, leak-proof water/thermos bottle made from recycled stainless steel. Supplied in a modern matte finish with a matching screw cap, this bottle has a striking appearance. This slim bottle will fit cup holders in a wide range of cars and is the perfect thirst quencher whilst on the go.

Colorissimo Water Bottle

This bottle is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance. It features a soft-touch surface finish for a comfortable and secure grip. The lid is designed with an integrated straw, making it easy to drink from the bottle while keeping it in an upright position. This bottle is perfect for on-the-go hydration, combining style, convenience, and functionality.

Monaco Infuser Bottle

Introducing the Monaco Infuser Bottle – this chic bottle features a sleek metal lid and a matching colour lanyard for easy carrying. The semi-transparent body adds a modern touch, allowing you to see your refreshing beverage inside. At the base, you'll find a convenient juicer, perfect for infusing your water with natural flavours from fruits. Elevate your hydration experience with the Monaco Infuser Bottle, where sophistication meets practicality.

Our Top 5 Budget Friendly Choices

Indi Tritan Bottle

This drinking bottle is made from Tritan™, a durable and BPA-free material, ensuring your beverages remain safe and uncontaminated. Includes a silicone hanger for easy carrying and attachment to bags or backpacks. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities.

H2O Active® Vibe 850ml Screw Cap Water Bottle

Single-wall water bottle with sleek design, made from fully recyclable material. Features a secure screw cap. The volume capacity is 850ml. Made in the UK. Packed in a home-compostable bag. Mix and match colours to create your perfect colour bottle.


650ml single-walled bottle made from 98% recycled materials. GRS-certified recycled PET plastic bottle with RSC-certified recycled stainless steel base and screw top lid. The lid contains GRS-certified recycled PP plastic lining and silicone seal. BPA & PVC free.


Made from certified recycled ocean-bound PET plastic, the Bilby Sports Bottle is durable and reusable, 750ml, single-walled with smoked black recycled PET plastic body, coloured plastic screw-on lid (PP, LDPE and silicone) and a push/pull spout. Choose from black, blue, purple, red and white lids and order yours today.

H2O Active® Base 650ml spout lid sport bottle

Ergonomic single-wall sport bottle, crafted from recyclable PET material for eco-conscious hydration. The spill-proof lid includes a convenient flip-top drinking spout, ensuring easy access to your beverages while on the move. Available in a variety of vibrant colours, you can mix and match to create your ideal personalized bottle.

Get Your Bottle Now!

Investing in a water bottle is a small yet impactful step towards a healthier, more productive, and environmentally friendly lifestyle, especially during the summer months. It serves as a constant reminder to stay hydrated, supports your health goals, and contributes to a sustainable workplace culture. So why not make the change today? Choose a water bottle that fits your branding and needs from Complete Merchandise, and enjoy the numerous benefits it brings to your daily work life. Stay hydrated, stay productive, and make every sip count this summer and beyond.