How Can Promotional Merchandise Benefit Me?

How Can Promotional Merchandise Benefit Me?

To put simply, if a business, like those who utilized courses such as that Power bI training UK, or event holder knows how to use promotional merchandise in the right way, it will serve as a powerful tool in capturing target audiences. Conversely, if used incorrectly it can be like releasing your light saber the wrong way – ouch…

This blog is for anyone who’s on the fence about whether they should include promotional merchandise in their marketing budget, or for those who want to know more about how they can use it to help them grow.

Below, is our one-stop guide on how seven key groups of merchandise users can go about maximising results and ensuring that money spent is business gained/retained. Click one of the following seven categories that best affiliates with you: new and young businesses, established and elite businesses, event holders, exhibitions holders, product launchers, charities, retailers.

New and young businesses

Your main focus is to create business by generating brand noise. Use promotional merchandise to catapult your new products and services into the visual space of potential audiences.

A business is a lot like a vehicle; acceleration at the start requires more oomf! Once it’s moving, the momentum makes it a lot easier to really get going. For a business, to stimulate interest from nothing requires impactful merchandise. So don’t be afraid to invest a bit more at the beginning as that’s when your brand needs it the most. According to PPAI Expo, trends suggest strongly that audiences of today are expecting higher quality merchandise with a more retail sensation.

To reap the full benefits of branded products, ensure that the merchandise of choice is of interest and value to your consumers (handing out branded nail files to construction workers will probably leave them very confused).

Great scenarios where branded items can be heavily beneficial include promo stands (outside your shop or located somewhere with good walking trade), with a direct mailer (ensure you start building an mailing list from the beginning), to give away at your shop after each purchase or provided service, for competitions and prizes, and for subscription welcome packs.

Popular products for new and young businesses (remember to incorporate the wants and needs of your audience alongside these blanket suggestions): Mugs, Pens, Shopping Bags, USB Sticks, Powerbanks, Keyrings, Cardboard Virtual Reality Sets, Phone Stands, Phone Cardholders, T-Shirts, Polo-ShirtsLanyards, Edibles, Balloons.

Established and elite businesses

Firstly, hats off to you for smashing it! As you’ll know, you have momentum on your side, meaning people already know and like you (I hope). On top of spreading your business wings even further, you must also maintain and retain it. Promotional merchandise is a powerful reminder/converter when used alongside other primary marketing mediums such as direct mailers and exhibition stands. A study by Baylor University shows that promotional products used in direct mail solicitations can boost response rates by up to 75 percent.

Attract repeat orders and increase loyalty by reminding clients that you’re there and that you appreciate them. Promotional gifts are fantastic ways to express these sentiments. Never forget that your employees (however annoying some of them are) need some lovin’ too. Branded items can really help to garner and improve loyalty, performance and well-being of staff.

Recent trends show that technology and retail-branded merchandise are a fast-increasing preference in merchandise. With larger marketing budgets, established and elite businesses have the luxury of choosing these options. It’s strongly advised that your gift or giveaway correlates respectively to how much a customer would spend on your product or service.

Giving away promotional merchandise is an excellent way to incentivise customers to take action. For example, offer free merchandise to significantly boost subscription and joining rates. Don’t forget that competitions and giving-back schemes are highly condusive to greater brand awareness, stay proactive with these and use branded goods as prizes and rewards.

Popular products for established and elite businesses (remember to incorporate the wants and needs of your audience alongside these blanket suggestions): USB Sticks, Powerbanks, Drones, Virtual Reality Sets, Sports Bottles, Infuser Bottles, Thermal Drinkware, Mugs, Stationery, Pens, Shopping Bags, T-Shirts, Tablet Cases, Keyrings, Awards, Headphones, LanyardsPolo-ShirtsEdibles.

Event holders

Events must be approached with a promotional double-edged sword! Include an effective balance of on-location and post-event merchandise to ensure that you take full advantage of your visitors.

Popular on-location merchandise include lanyards, banners, and clothing. They’re essential for reinforcing brand identity and a feeling of professional consistency. On a practical level, they enable visitors to differentiate between staff and attendees.

Unlike retail stores and other promotional mediums such as television and radio, your event has a very limited promotional period. Branded merchandise is a sure-fire way of keeping your event and brand alive, long after the stages have been dismantled and the grass de-trashed.

 Popular products for events (remember to incorporate the wants and needs of your audience alongside these blanket suggestions): Hi-Vis Clothing, T-Shirts, Polo-Shirts, Jackets, Lanyards, Banners, Shopping Bags, Disposable Drinkware, Promotional Water, Wristbands, Crowd Merchandise.

Exhibition holders

Promotional merchandise use at exhibitions are very similar to events (read above). Ensure that you cover on-location merchandise to show visitors at which stand they’re at and who to talk to, and post-event merchandise for transcending your promotional power into the homes and offices of your target audience. 90.4 percent reported either currently owning or possessing a promotional product received within the last 24 months (PPAI Study: Effectiveness of Promotional Products As An Advertising Medium).

Weave your brand in and out of exhibition isles by supplying visitors with promotional Shopping Bags. It’s human nature to mimic or gravitate towards what other people like and do, so when people see a whole bunch of visitors with Cupcake Corner shopping bags, they’re gonna want to find out what all the fuss is about!

Popular products for exhibitions (remember to incorporate the wants and needs of your audience alongside these blanket suggestions): Hi-Vis Clothing, T-Shirts, Balloons, Pens, Notebooks, Clipboards, Polo-Shirts, Jackets, Lanyards, Banners, Shopping Bags, Thermal Drinkware, Infuser BottlesEdibles, Tablet Cases, Edibles.

Product launchers

Your audience have already taken an important step towards you by attending your launch – take advantage of this! Your job now is to remind and convert.

The trick here is to choose promotional merchandise that not only compliments your product or service, but compounds them. A great post-launch gift can be a powerful sentiment that has been proven to increase sales. Ideally, your branded item should be thematically relevant to your launch, and must be useful to your audience in order to prolong the product’s marketing life.

Be careful not to get it wrong, however. Imagine if a tech-savvy car launch ended their presentation with a cheap pen; the audience will quickly wonder why they should spend top dollar for an expensive car when the seller can’t be bothered to give away something of correlating value. Conversely, if you’re selling a new range of honey pots, then a thematically coloured pen will be perfect!

Popular products for product launches (remember to incorporate the wants and needs of your audience alongside these blanket suggestions): USB Sticks, Powerbanks, Pens, Tablet Cases, T-Shirts, Polo-Shirts, Jackets, Lanyards, Banners, Thermal DrinkwareShopping Bags, Infuser Bottles, Balloons, Edibles, Headphones.


The challenge here is to find promotional merchandise that are effective but affordable. Impactful products don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg (plus some extra limbs from your receptionist); there are plenty of low-cost items that can spearhead your charity’s message into the homes and lives of passerbys and attendees.

Branded gifts can have a heavy influence how much you’re able to collect for your charity. When you give something to somebody, their honour-bound to give something back in return. The rule of reciprocity is a powerful one.

Popular products for charities (remember to incorporate the wants and needs of your audience alongside these blanket suggestions): Moneyboxes, Crowd Merchandise, Lanyards, Pens, Badges, T-Shirts, Polo-Shirts, Banners, Shopping Bags, Wristbands, Balloons, EdiblesHi-Vis Clothing.


Brand identity… brand identity… brand identity. Got it yet? Haha.

Take a minute to think about every top-end retail store you’ve entered. They’re all thematically decorated to match and represent the brand to help produce a professional environment that’s visually distinctive to them. Use promotional colours to reinforce brand colours and messages throughout your retail environment. Always remember that customers process promotional merchandise in both conscious and sub-conscious

Branded clothing is one of the key promotional items which help to generate brand consistency throughout the store, and enables customers to locate staff with ease.

Popular products for retail environments (remember to incorporate the wants and needs of your audience alongside these blanket suggestions): LanyardsT-Shirts, Tablet Covers, Polo-Shirts, Pens, Banners, Shopping Bags.

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