How to Find the Best Promotional Pens?

How to Find the Best Promotional Pens?


Promotional pens have secured a spot right at the forefront of the promotional merchandise industry since the very beginning, and they will keep their crown for many years to come.

However, this leads to one problem – overcrowding! Pen pots all around the world are crammed to the rim with neglected and unloved pens. They remain immobile as they watch that one pen – the favourite pen – pirouetting across notebooks and signing off cheques. So, how do I get hold of that pen?! Master the points below and your pen will truly be la crème de la crème! 


1. Writing quality.

Nobody wants to use a pen that is so washed-out it looks like it has been diluted with water, nor one that chooses to supply ink whenever it pleases – leaving you with more scribbly bits than a five-year-old’s doodle pad!

2.Build quality.

Users will judge the pen within the first few seconds of using it, be it consciously or subconsciously. We know immediately when a pen feels premium and reliable, and we certainly know when one feels like it will die on you after you finish writing that next sentence! Desirable textures and surface finishes (matte, polished etc.) are strong triggers that will ensure users keep your brand in their working space.

3. High perceived value.

This is the golden rule which trumps all. Choose, design or customise the pen in a way which enables it to appear higher in value, and it could mask how cheap the pen actually was – genius! Weight is often highly influential; a medium/heavy weight communicates a more premium build.

4. Print Quality.

Display your brand with pride. Ensure the print is crisp and rich in the true colours of your brand.


The King of Pens – Prodir & Senator

We are very proud to present two new pen brands that stand head and shoulders above the rest, and effortlessly meets all of those specifications above.

Senator and Prodir are global pen specialists, paving jaw-dropping and innovative new dimensions in the functionality and beauty of promotional writing instruments. Their fantastic price competitiveness and boundless number of surface and colour combinations on offer, make them truly powerful brands to consider. So if you are looking for your next promotional pens, then take a look at the Senator Pen or Prodir Pen ranges.





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