How To Maximise My Event And Boost Brand Awareness

How To Maximise My Event And Boost Brand Awareness

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Any successful company or industrialist will have already fully absorbed the fact that whether your event is a one-off show or a widely acclaimed annual occasion, the success of the event is largely contingent upon your pre-event marketing, on-the-day marketing and, most certainly, your post-event marketing. All of which heavily rely on the use of promotional merchandise.

By the end of this blog, you should hopefully be able to confidently answer and act upon the following questions: How do I boost and promote my brand? How do I advertise my event? How do I make people remember me? How effective is Promotional Event Merchandise? What will help launch and improve my new business?


The Key Purposes Of Promotional Event Merchandise

  • Consistent reinforcement of your brand, both visually and psychologically to increase memorability.
  • Potential for a substantial increase in additional revenue.
  • Strengthens the connection and nourishes the loyalty between customers and the brand.
  • Post-event usage prolongs brand awareness and acts as a reliable trigger to remind attendees of the event.
  • Fosters a sense of obligation on customers to respond as they have received something of value.


So, How Have The Big Companies Done It?

Listed below, are examples of how some of the biggest corporations have used promotional merchandise to maximise their event, followed by links to all those products mentioned, found on our website!


Music Festivals

Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, Reading Festival, Leeds Festival…

Image Sources: Efestivals (Left). Ticket Master (Centre). David Emery – Flickr (right).


Wearable Promotional Merchandise (Clothing, Wristwear etc.)

Most of these musical giants survive and grow from the heavy documentation and subsequent exposure of event material, therefore, they push and sell wearable promotional merchandise all day long so that their brand is constantly reminded to viewers who didn’t even attend. T-shirts and wristbands are infamously successful post-event tools, with festival-goers keeping their worn out but highly-nostalgic entry wristbands firmly attached for months after. Exploit the sentimental wavelength of your customers by opening up opportunities for them to show loyalty, in this case, the buying and wearing of festival t-shirts long after the event.



Large & Small Promotional Banners

Without fail, large side-stage banners will be seen surrounding the main stage, this is a useful exercise in identifying primary marketing spaces. Whatever your event, utilise brand-exposing promotional merchandise amidst the main focus of your audience. However, secondary marketing spaces are just as important, in the case of music festivals, they tend to prop large constructions and banners elsewhere on the grounds for festival-goers to take pictures with. You can do something similar.




Sporting Events

Fifa World Cup, Olympics, Race For Life… 

Image sources: Stretford-End (Left). Cocoa Diaries (Centre).


Support Gear

With any sporting scenario comes the notorious element of competitiveness, and with it, passionate support! When you watch a football match, you are confronted with the impressive dimension of unity, displayed through seas of block colours. Another example, Race For Life is distinguished by its unmistakable pink branding. The support in both cases are solely delivered through the use of promotional merchandise. How can you encourage support from your customers? How can you entice your customers to feel the need to demonstrate loyalty to your business? Simple, present them with the tools to do so!




Business Events/Exhibitions

Microsoft, Thinking Shed…

Image Sources: Dennis Jones (Left). 1st Ethical (Right).


Customers Coming To You

So you’re about to officiate your first ever show or exhibition, and you’re wondering: “How can I maximise my event? How can I connect and win over customers?”. One major purpose for using promotional merchandise is to help customers immediately distinguish and remember your business, every time they handle your giveaway. Whether we’re looking from a marketing stand and show situation, or an exhibition, the use of post-event intended merchandise is key. The aim is to slingshot and maintain the impact from when you first make contact with your potential customers till they arrive home and further. And that is achieved through the use of promotional merchandise.


Reaching Out To Customers

Direct mail: Simple, low-cost and effective. This fast and potentially, very impactful method of sending out gifts directly to customers is used by established companies everyday to increase brand awareness. The act of sending gifts to people, fosters the obligation of response as they have received something of value, or believe they will at some point.

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There are literally thousands of ideas! Click here to reach our full range!



To conclude: any business, of any size or market, will do well to adopt the tried-and-tested promotional methods of established enterprises, such as those mentioned here today. Promotional event merchandise is low-cost, fast and responsive.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please never hesitate to contact our friendly team! Contact us on 01420 478866 or, and we will try our best to help you! Alternatively, click here to visit our main website.




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