The importance of maintaining brand consistency

The importance of maintaining brand consistency

Here at Complete Merchandise we deal with businesses day in, day out, helping them put their branding across all manner of different promotional items from printed paper cups to promotional pens, from branded T shirts to printed travel mugs.  In today’s guest blog Caroline Saunders from marketing agency 4 C Marketing ( tells us about the importance of maintaining brand consistency across all items (promotional merchandise & business stationary etc).



Every single item that your brand or company name appears on reflects on your business and you must ensure that every appearance leaves a positive impression on your user.   From your website to your business card holders, from your Twitter handle to your USB sticks, ensuring that your brand looks and feels the same will ensure a greater imprint in the mind of your client.  This ‘mental space’ that your brand occupies in your user’s mind is critical to whether they decide to purchase from you or not.


Think of some of the world’s most famous brands and the icons you associate with them – Coke and the colour red, Apple and the bitten apple icon, McDonald’s and the golden arches.  These brands have maintained this identity for many years and use it in every piece of branding you see.   Would Nike ever drop the swoosh, or swap it for a cross instead?  I don’t think so!


There are many theories about how many times we need to see an image or message before we remember it and particularly before we consider acting up on.  Three times, seven times, or even twenty times according to Thomas Smith, a nineteenth century London Businessman (1885). Whichever number is correct, professionals all agree that the more often people see a message the more effective it will be.


Of course this can present a challenge – your logo might look great on your website but how do you translate that to a keyring?  Or a mobile phone cover?  This is where the skill of designers and merchandise suppliers comes in, combined with your unswerving dedication as a brand owner to make sure that every item produced reinforces your brand identity.  If the mug is not the right shade of green then say!  Your supplier will want to help you create a strong brand with a compelling sales proposition so that they can benefit from your glowing testimonial and your business in the future.




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