Fortune Cookies Make Excellent Promotional Products

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Fortune Cookies Make Excellent Promotional Products

Chinese fortune cookies are infamous, fun treats – a great addition to any Chinese meal. But how can you incorporate these much loved cookies into your next marketing campaign?

No matter what age people are, they still find much bliss in opening these cookies and revealing the wise proverb inside. Maybe it’s the surprise of not knowing what the message will be, or the wishful thinking that fortune cookies may have a teensy inkling of influence in bringing us all luck! Receiving a fortune cookie (even if we don’t enjoy actually eating it…) is fun and sends a positive impression to all involved.

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Below, we’ve gone through a number of business scenarios where promotional fortune cookies can be used effectively, to inject that positive, fun and highly engaging impression.


Personal touches are the things that make a long-lasting impression. So why not try serving a personalised fortune cookie with your clients requested coffee or tea, awaiting on the seat before them. When they open the cookie to reveal your personalised message, you’ll more than likely paint a positive first impression into their memory!


Next time your company officiates an exhibition, small or large, you could absolutely take advantage of this next little trick – it works! Use promotional fortune cookies as an invitation to your stand, by printing this on the wrapper: “We personally invite you to exhibition X”, and when they open the cookie, the message will read: “visit us at Stand 24 with this message and we’ll give you your VIP goodie bag”! During the exhibition, you can also use the cookies decoratively to draw people in, or simply place a sneaky one into a gift bag for them to take away.


For competitions and prize draws, this next usage works like a gem! Proven over and over again by our clients. Split your cookie messages into “non-winners”, a “runner up” and a “winner”. This is a fun unique way of increasing your brand awareness. Samsung used this technique last year to launch their Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Take note!


samsung galaxy note 3 gear fortune cookies promotional complete merchandise

Product Launches

These promotional fortune cookies can contain details of a product or service you are launching. You could customise the message as an invitation or a link to your website. This is a great way to capture the attention of your audience. Your cookie will almost certainly speak louder to your audience than a plain piece of scribbled paper or business card.

Direct Mail

We can supply special postal cookie packets to use in a direct mail campaign. As the cookie is very light, they are easy to post.

Pubs and Restaurants

Branded fortune cookies are excellent for the food sector. When presented at the end of the meal, the personalised message could contain some form of discount to the restaurant – hopefully luring customers back again. Or it could be used to promote a specific dish or drink.


You can upgrade the message slip to a jumbo sized one. You are not restricted to just 1 colour print like you would traditionally find with standard fortune cookies. You can print up to full colour on both sides of the message slip to maximise your advertising potential when offering an incentive or discount.