Merchandise for Gyms & Spas – Post Lockdown

Merchandise for Gyms & Spas – Post Lockdown

Get ready for the new “roadmap” sketchup 2016 herunterladen! With the easing of the UK’s lockdown coming into affect in the next couple of weeks, below, we’ve included how your gym or spa can use promotional merchandise wis. Helping you drive business back to where you were pre-Covid-19.

From the 12th April, the reopening of gyms and spas begins joyn tv.

Merchandise to sell

For gyms, open your revenue opportunities by stocking up the gift shelves herunterladen. For instance, snap up embroidered sweatbands and waist measuring tapes. Or even branded bottles for your members to purchase. Why not get a walking advert like a branded t-shirt which members would be proud to wear adobe media player download kostenlos.

Merchandise as gift incentives

Why not use promotional merchandise as gift incentives. These gifts could include branded diffusers or scented candles that are sure to get your brand noticed with months of use. Campaigns where these incentives could be used for maybe where clients earn a gift after 3 spa and beauty treatments.

Merchandise as thank you’s

Don’t forget to treat your customers with some useful R&R sets to use at home. The below items are guaranteed to make your customers smile or go ‘ahhhh’

Retail worthy branded gifts

It isn’t just the giveaway items that you can offer your customers. With a higher spend per head you can keep your clients fashionable with Nike co-branded polo shirts, promotional activity watches or even a sports bag big enough to fill sports attire.

For some extra ideas, here is a few of the best selling promotional merchandise for our gym & spa clients.

In conclusion, the branded gifts shown above are a selection of what we can offer. If you require alternative options to suit any budget, get in contact with the team who will be happy to help get the right item at the right price!