Merchandise World 2020

Merchandise World 2020

Last week CM’s Sophie and Helen went on an adventure to Coventry to check out Merchandise World at the Ricoh Arena, there they searched high and low to find you some new merch ideas for 2020 from a ton of UK and European suppliers! Here’s just a a few of our favourites…

One of the biggest themes this year was, of course, being more environmentally conscience. Our suppliers have offered some new and interesting ways to go greener this year, like seeded paper that you can plant and watch grow into beautiful flowers or yummy herbs.

A favourite for the gift and souvenir stores would be the soft toys. By removing the plastic eyes from soft toys and sewing them instead, we can now offer eco soft toys which include 100% recycled PET plastic fillings and outer fabric and no plastic beads.

Another big theme this year was being inclusive which meant lots of vegan and vegetarian goodies! A definite favourite being the gummy sweets that have no gelatin in, perfect for handing out at exhibitions as everyone can enjoy them.

Everyone’s favourite bamboo tumbler now comes in a handy espresso size, for those who like their coffee strong but their cups green. Other merchandise staples like notebooks have also got more options and are greener than ever, with some being made from sustainable sources like bamboo and cork to being made from pre-existing products like leather and PET.

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