New Itunes Agreement

We recommend that you define territorial rights around the world only if you do have global rights. If your rights are more limited, indicate it on your territory if you deliver your music tracks via iTunes Producer. Once any agreement is moved in effect, your titles are automatically displayed in the region where you have accepted agreements and territorial rights. Content codes can only be exchanged by your authorized end-users in the territory. App Store volume codes can only be distributed to your authorized end-users in the territory, but App Store volume content can be assigned to its authorized end-users in any country where such volume content is commercially available, subject to changes at any time. The use of the VPP service for the purchase of app content is exclusively made on the App Store located in the territory, and all subsequent downloads or assignments do not result in an agreement or sales transaction between you and another Apple unit. You agree not to use the VPP service to circumvent a country`s laws or restrictions imposed by volume content providers. Their use of Apple software or hardware products is based on the software license and other terms and conditions applicable to the product at the time of purchase. Your consent to these conditions is required to install or use the product.

Please note that the license of the software attached to the product at the time of purchase may differ from the version of the license that you can check here. Be sure to read the applicable conditions carefully before installing the software or using the product. Application licenses will be provided to you by Apple or a third-party provider (“application provider”). If you are a customer of Apple Distribution International Ltd. is the reseller of Record Apple Distribution International Ltd., which means that you purchase the license from Apple Distribution International Ltd. but the application is licensed by the application provider. An Apple-licensed application is an “Apple App,” an app licensed by an app provider is a “third-party app.” Apple acts as an agent for app providers when making the App Store available and is not a party to the sales contract or usage agreement between you and the app provider. Every application you purchase is subject to the end-of-the-year license license agreement (“standard JAMBIE” below), unless Apple or the app provider offers a custom licensing agreement (“Custom EULA”).

The application provider of a third-party application is solely responsible for its content, warranties and claims that you may have associated with the third-party application.