Personal Care Promotional Ideas 2015

Personal Care Promotional Ideas 2015

This month’s Personal Care Promotional Ideas Snapshot is spectacularly inspirational for the new year, to spring towards a healthy well being. Please use it as a portal to reach some of our newest and greatest personal care gifts to date!

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After Christmas and New Years slowly fading, awareness and desire to become more healthy and looking after yourself is at an all-time high. Not only that, but these next few months lead up to extra special occassions, such as Valentines Day and Mother’s Day, in which the products we’ve provided are also great for.

Our continuously expanding Personal Care category is filled with gifts to suit any budget and target audience! This way, you are sure to find something perfect for your promotional needs!

As always, we provide you with the absolute lowest prices at incredible lead times. And if that isn’t enough, we whip up super fast visuals for you free of charge!

Find the link for each featured product in the Snapshot listed below! Or call 01420 478866 and provide the product code for us to help!


Bathrobe PFC-12608800


Nail Kit MOB-IT3060

Candles IME-1361

Children’s Tooth Brush HIP-8353

Travel Tooth Brush IME-3853

Suncream BIO-G598701

Multi-Comb HIP-8727

Cosmetic Bags MOB-IT3719

Compact Mirror ADP-7042100.03

Hand Gel RJP-C1478

Bath Set – Sponge and Bath Gels MOB-8271

Mints Pot/Lip Balm ADP-707013.20.20

Nail Varnish BIO-G6032

Everyone Is Being Rewarded! So Can You!

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