Power Banks/Mobile Chargers – How Much mAh Do I Need?

Power Banks/Mobile Chargers – How Much mAh Do I Need?

What is mAh? In essence, mAh is an abbreviation for ‘milliamp hour,’ and it signifies the battery capacity of portable devices for example mobile phones or a power bank – it’s that simple!

The higher the mAh rating, the longer your power bank will last when in use. Additionally, you’ll notice a strong correlation between mAh and price; lower mAh ratings generally result in lower prices, and vice versa. Power banks in general, including Promotional power banks, typically range from around 1,000mAh to 10,000mAh. The key question is: How much mAh do you actually need?

Things to Consider with mAh

  1. First, figure out how much power your devices need by checking their mAh values. Our handy table below can help you find this info for some common devices.

  2. Once you know your device’s mAh and have your power bank’s mAh (let’s say 8,000 mAh), you can work out how many times you can charge your device. For example, with a 8,000 mAh power bank and a device with 1,000 mAh, you’ll get about eight full charges.

  3. Now, think about how you or tyour planned user will use it. How much are you willing to spend on a power bank, and how much power (mAh) do you or they really need?

  4. Consider the purpose of your power bank – whether you’re selling, exchanging, or thinking of your next company giveaways. This will help you decide the right size and price to get the job done. 

Phone Battery mAh Powerbank Suggestion

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

3200 mAh

POWER&WIRELESS Wireless Power bank 4000mAh

Apple iPhone 13

3,227 mAh

Tulda 5000 mAh bamboo power bank

Samsung Galaxy A14

4,900 mAh

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

5000 mAh

Juice 8000mAh wireless powerbank

Google Pixel 7 Pro

4355 mAh 

SIUR POWER Wireless 10000 mAh Power bank

Apple. iPad Pro 12.9

10758 mAh

Apple. iPad Air 2022

7600 mAh

Google. Pixel Tablet

7,020 mAh

Lenovo. Yoga Tab 13.

7000 mAh

Juice 8000mAh wireless powerbank

Does a higher mAh mean a faster charging rate?

It’s a common misconception that a higher mAh means faster device charging, but that’s not true at all. The speed of charging actually depends on the amp value.

For instance, a power bank with 3.0 amps (A) will charge your device three times faster than one with just 1.0 amp.

For example, if a power bank has a high 10,000mAh capacity but only offers 1.0A output, a device with a smaller capacity of 4,000mAh that has a 5.0A output, will charge your device faster. It’s simple: the higher the amp value, the quicker your device charges.

Keep in mind, you might encounter chargers with an amp value lower than 1, which could be listed as 0.8A or 800mA. “mA” stands for milliamps, and it takes 1000 milliamps to equal 1 amp.

Why Power Banks?

Power banks, also known as portable chargers, have become one of the most popular choices for promotional merchandise. In a world where we heavily rely on our many gadgets, they make for excellent gifts. Offering a wide variety of styles, branding opportunities, and price ranges, they are a versatile choice.

Moreover, they can be paired with our amazing multi cables.

Whether it’s your next event, team giveaway, or any promotional endeavor, choosing power banks is a smart decision to cater to the tech-savvy needs of your audience.  

Do you have a need for Promotional Power Banks?

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