Promotional Christmas Merchandise 2015

Promotional Christmas Merchandise 2015

As a wonderful wave of Christmas magic warms us in yet another “coldest Winter to date”; we are as quick as ever to grasp the business boom! Grab this busy period by the horns and brand, promote, sell – brand, promote, sell – brand… you get the gist.

We’ve sent out our product-sourcing elves and they’ve returned with some new festive wonders, our Christmas category is bigger than ever! Filled with Christmas decorations, advent calendars, edibles, clothing, kitchen items, drinkware, tech gifts and much, much more! Ranging from the cheap and novel, to the executive and unique – what more could you need?!

Below is a small collection of some of our most special and popular Christmas products of this year. Call 01420 478866 or email us at, today!




Coffee Stencils – MOB-CX1388

Tube Power Banks – WIL-POWERTUBE

Bormio Christmas Travel Mugs – MOB-CX1380

Christmas Lights – IME-4983

Boot Advent Calendars – MOB-CX1410

Lily O’Brien Chocolate Boxes – LQL-4BOX

Click Clack Mint Tins – CPM-CLICK

Christmas Cookie Cutters – HIP-8314

Ivory Tucson Weekly Diaries – CST-IVORYTUCSON

Santa Wooden Ballpens – MOB-CX1313s

Christmas Tree Ballpens –  MOB-CX1292

Heat Pad Hand Warmers – CLIP-HAND

Silver Present Bookmarks – MOB-CX1324

Silver Star Bookmarks – MOB-CX1285

Gold Star Candle Holders – MOB-CX1420

Taylor Power Banks – PFC-12359403


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