Promotional Easter products for giveaway and gift ideas

Promotional Easter products for giveaway and gift ideas

We have gathered the top promotional Easter products for 2019! These Easter promotional items will be a great addition to any marketing during the Easter period.


Brighten your customers day with these cute, colourful and funky Easter products packed in bags and a bow finish. Thus giving your customers the feeling of a true present. A great gift for customers and situations where you’re handing these gifts out in a busy environment for example exhibitions.


Behold the snack kings of Easter! These egg shaped, colourful jewels of temptation come with retail quality packaging. Thus letting customers know you mean business, but that your company is also as soft and sweet as the chocolate inside. It is a well known fact that “a way to a persons heart through their stomachs”. Making these items a must for the Easter season! These little chocolate eggs are the most snacked on Easter edible. You could use it internally as a desk drop as a gift for staff or sell as a add on Easter gift by a till point.


These containers come in various shapes to suite all logos and maximise your branding. . Most of the containers shown come with a doming label with shows off your branded at its best. The glossy finish leaves a feeling that the item is of premium quality, for its relatively low price. These containers are one step up up from bag and packet packaging, making them ideal to show of your brand and to offer them as gifts to current and potential customers.

Tins, Buckets and Tubes

These containers are filled with more delicious edibles than all the items listed previously thus hold a higher perceived value than the rest. These are really gifts and thank you’s for your top clients and employees. The best thing is, when the edibles have been devoured, your brand could last longer. These containers can be reused for other things at home or around the office. Giving your customers a chance to see your brand everyday.

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