Promotional Football Merchandise

Promotional Football Merchandise

Football continues to dominate the sporting world, and with it comes many lucrative merchandising opportunities. Additionally, the UEFA Euro 2016 is teasing us round the corner – so what are you waiting for? Remember, your business doesn’t need to be sports related in order to utilize the footballing hype. It’s about targeting that audience; about getting your fishing rod into an ocean with a lot of fish!

We have a truly expansive merchandise category for the game, ranging from Footballs of varying sizes; low-cost, durable Sports Bottles; cheap giveaways; exciting crowd merchandise, and even Sport Club Teddies! One of the greatest strengths on branded sports items and crowd merchandise, is the price. Items such as Bang Bang Sticks and Hand Clappers are very low-cost as they are tailored for large-scale audiences. Moreover, they are perfectly suited for an array of purposes and demographics: schools, universities; public fitness, sports and health facilities; festivals, sporting events (and this is just me throwing things from the top of my head – the sky’s your limit on this one!).

We offer the market’s best prices with our ‘we beat any quote’ policy (and an awesome team) – give us a call on 01420 478866 or email us at, today! Below, is a snapshot of this ever-growing category.


Promotional football merchandise, UEFA Euro 2016, branded sports products


Football Shirt Keyrings – TPE-9941

Dexter Bear – EMB-DEXTER

Arriba Horns – MOB- kc7084-10

Inflatable Drink Holders – TPE-9208

Soccerini Size 5 Football – MOB-MO7933

Bang Bang Sticks – BWY-CH-BNG-101

Football Player Metal Keyrings -IME-8671

Sports Cones – HIP-8711

Football-Shaped Water Bottles – mo-mo8688-06

Plastic Whistles – IME-7060

Hand Clappers IME-9539

Chocolate Football Lollies – BIT-LOLLY

Stress Footballs – SPL-LE5583

First Aid Kits – HIP-8639.115

Pizza Cutter MOB-MO8380

Can Coolers – HIP-8419

Handheld Fans – MOB-MO8702