Promotional Gift Set Offer

Promotional Gift Set Offer

In celebration of such a supportive business year from our clients, we have literally hand-picked and constructed a selection of spectacular Promotional Gift Sets to reward our customers with – worth up to £45!

Included, are products ranging from beanbag phone holders, massagers and portable speakers to handy tool kits! Our team, having cheekily experienced a Promotional Gift Set each here at the office already, can confidently assure you just how useful and fun they are!

Become Eligible!

Have you got a promotional gift in mind for next year? Have you got a project, event or occasion coming up? Are you still on the fence with a particular promotional merchandise order, and need that little nudge? Or, you simply need a promotional item right here, right now?!

Well, we sincerely encourage you to fully exploit this Gift Set Offer by placing an order now, and give a little something for yourself and your team!

So, How Do I Get A Gift?

Simply make an order with us between the 10th November and 31st January and you’ll be instantly rewarded, in accordance with the Gift Set Guide below

Product Links To Each Gift!

Simply click on the gift you want and you’ll be taken through to it! If you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01420 478866 or email us at

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