The Market’s Top Promotional Merchandise for Women

The Market’s Top Promotional Merchandise for Women



Thinking of running a promotional marketing campaign aimed at women? Is your audience predominantly female? Are you considering a more feminine marketing approach? Well, there is no better place to start than inside their handbags! 

The most successful promotional items are the ones which are useful and used on a regular basis, so here are the top 10 items that women carry in their handbags (as found in a survey carried out by Diamond, based on two thousand British women) that you would be smart to consider (click to reach item on our website):


  1. Purse

  2. Phone

  3. Pens

  4. Tissues

  5. Car Keys

  6. Lip Balm

  7. Hair Brush

  8. Lipstick

  9. Hand Cream

  10. Umbrellas


A Whole Lot More Female Products!

Below, are some great promotional merchandise ideas that feature inside the list. We’ve also included other extremely popular items found in a women’s handbag – these include: mirrors, mints, nail files, sunglasseshand sanitizertorchesnotepadscard holders, plush toys, earphones and power banks.


silicone phone standPromotional  Tubed Telescopic Umbrellasmobile phone sockiepromotional Lip Balms in an Acrylic PotPromotional Contour Frost Ballpenpromotional boxed umbrellapromotional electra ballpenpromotional tissue packspromotional lip balm stickspromotional shopper trolley coin keyringpromotional Single pocket Mirrorpromotional mints in hinged mint tinpromotional 50ml Waterless Hand Sanitisers with Standard Clippromotional nail filespromotional Pocket Torches with LED Lightspromotional Hair brush with mirrorpromotional wet wipespromotional-slimline-portable-chargers-complete-merchandisepromotional-smart-power-banks-complete-merchandisepsl-5040_1earphones-2complete-merchandise-aballo-headphones-1mob-cx1266-printed-promotional-deeryl-reindeer-plush-toys_1complete-merchandise-promotional-trias-sunglassesprinted_promotional_bank_card_holders_-_one_card4



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