Promotional Lanyards for Businesses & Events

Promotional Lanyards for Businesses & Events


Promotional Lanyards are incredibly effective tools for promoting brand awareness and maintaining brand identity on location. 

They offer fantastic print areas, and situate around the user’s neck which enable good exposure to the audience you engage with. Promotional Lanyards are mainly used to keep name cards, information and keys in an accessible vicinity; however, there are countless other purposes too (like keeping lip balms closeby – hah, didn’t think of that did ya!). The typical scenarios include retail spaces, corporate locations/personal functions and events, and the general consumer who’s choosing NOT to lose their keys today! This blog will provide a quick and helpful guide for anybody who’s considering to use branded Lanyards.


Dye Sublimation Lanyards

High quality, full colour print, velvet smooth.

High-quality graduated printing that produces a photo-like finish upon a material that mimics the sensation of velvet to the touch. Dye sublimation printing process is the most flexible and high quality of all the processes, meaning it’s extremely popular and perfect for businesses who have full colour, complex artworks to print.




Polyester Lanyards

Bestsellers, cheap, great print results.

These promotional Polyester Lanyards stand at the helm of this category; outselling all alternatives by far. This is due to them being very price competitive and able to deliver great print finish. The material is light and comfortable to wear.

promotional lanyards, branded lanyards, polyester lanyards

promotional lanyards, branded lanyards, polyester lanyards


Eco-Friendly Lanyards

High-quality, ecological thinking, recyclable.

The ‘green stance’ is prominent in the interest of both the corporate and consumer world. Showing people you’ve chosen to use eco-friendly alternatives improves the image and credibility of your business. Quality is not compromised, and the print is crisp and clear. They’re slightly more expensive, but well worth the extra pennies!

promotional lanyards, branded lanyards, eco friendly lanyards

promotional lanyards, branded lanyards


Satin Applique Lanyards

Premium look, attention seeking. 

Beautifully smart, with a hint of something quite sophisticated. These promotional Satin Applique Lanyards are a perfect choice for high-end businesses and those who want to use it to create a subtle but noticeable visual impression.

promotional lanyards, branded lanyards, satin Applique lanyards


Woven Lanyards

Popular, classic look. 

These classic-style branded Lanyards are tried-and-tested veterans of the Lanyard world. The only slight drawback is a decrease in the definition of artwork edge lines due to weaving, rather than printing.

promotional lanyards, branded lanyards, woven lanyards


Other Lanyard Styles

Also available in the market, are promotional USB Lanyards, Card Holders for Lanyards, Pass Holders and more!



Lanyard Features

There’s a range of clips and safety features available for you to choose from!