Promotional Pet Merchandise 2016

Promotional Pet Merchandise 2016

The pet market is notoriously underestimated in both its size and its awareness-generating potential!  The well-respected PFMA commissioned a report last year which revealed that 46% of households own a pet(s), taking the total quantity of pets in the united kingdom to 58million – now that’s one large audience you cannot ignore!

Below, is but a small snapshot of our promotional Pet category, ranging from low-cost items such as throw balls, whistles and flea combs; extremely popular poop bag holders, dog leads, bowls and stickers; to new, specialised dog frisbees! We offer the best prices in the market at incredible turnaround times – call our friendly team on 01420 478866, or email us at, today!




Poop Bags – JRB-CUSTOM

Dog Leads – PPT-DOGL

Dog Frisbees – CRG-ap731480

Whistles – HIP-8124

Ball Launchers – HIP-8971

Tennis Balls – BWY-BEI-TNSTRF-101

Hoof Picks – HIP-8923

Poop Bag Holders (Bone Style) – HIP-8538

Poop Bag Holders (Red) – MOB-7681-06

Poop Bag Holders (With Torch) – MOB-mo8676-06

Ceramic Dog Bowls 

Plastic Dog Bowls – HIP-8578

Poop Scoops – HIP-8661

Flea Combs – HIP-8958

Tick Removers – HIP-8568


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