Replacing Plastic Straws and being Eco-Friendly

Replacing Plastic Straws and being Eco-Friendly

Plastic straws are one of the top 10 items of rubbish found on world beaches and are having a devastating impact on our oceans and marine life (Greenpeace, 2017). 

Good news – plastic straws are set to be no longer. This is a great step forward for the environment. So what do you do when you really would like a straw at your local for your gin and tonic or coke?

We have the answer! Reusable metal and silicone straws. These are an awesome invention! There are different versions available including travel straws. Easy to clean and perfect size for your handbag or pocket.

Stylish alternatives to the plastic straw. There are many options for your branding, engrave or print to the straws, print on the container or pouch. Your name will be noticed as these are fast becoming a must have item.

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