Responsible Promotional Merchandise

Responsible Promotional Merchandise

With a new trend of promotional gifts being introduced into the market this year, we’ve seen an upgrade in integrating sustainability, personalisation and packaging methods herunterladen. Items that were best sellers in previous years have seen material being swapped out for material made from renewable sources or lend themselves to recycling woozle goozle herunterladen. Seeing this change is an important step forward in the promotional market but not only with products but also with distributing them.

Packaging methods have now been streamlined and methods to reduce polybags have also been introduced with ongoing smarter packaging solutions herunterladen.

In this blog we will discuss how alternative, sustainable material is being used to create a new range of promotional merchandise which is enjoyable and functional erinnerung herunterladen. The below collection can be printed to increase brand-awareness and assures you and your clients are moving into providing a greener choice!

Wheat Straw

Wheat-straw is mainly an agricultural waste product extracted from crops such as grains or juice apps herunterladen itunes. It has recently been used as a filler for thermoplastic composites as polypropilene or ABS and this method has enabled items to reduce the amount of plastics used in the construct of their shape amazon filme downloaden ohne prime.


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants which can replenish itself within a year with little need for water or fertilisers gratis pc cleaner downloaden. Since bamboo is naturally pest-resistant there is no need for pesticides. Bamboo is a crop that is a renewable resounce, strong and durable. It abosorbs more Co2 from the air and releases more oxygen which improves air quality…all in all, a good material to use for the next trend of promotional merchandise zoom downloaden op ipad.


Cork is the bark of the self-regenerating cork oak tree youtube videos to iphone. It is ranked among the most durable organic materials with the property of stabilising the aire temperature and humidity. It is a very flexible material and be treated in a simple natural way herunterladen. It has good adhesive properties, making it easy to use in combination with different materials such as our notebooks, coasters and pens. Cork is 100% natural and biodegrable.


PET is the most common type of plastic, mostly used for packaging and drinks bottles. With the use of Recycled PET or RPET we can give a new life to an already made product and reduce the environmental impact. Uses for this material has now made it’s way to promotional items and is seen in bags, bottles, lanyards and even umbrellas.

Recycled Fabrics

Recycled fabrics are made from all types of waste fabrics in the textile industry. Manufacturers have now started to re-process collected textile waste into fibre and then back into fabric to create bags and garments. Most manufacturers we work with are using two streams: pre-consumer waste (scrap from production) and post consumer waste (used textiles collected) to create fashionable merchandise items.

For any questions or promotional eco-friendly merchandise enquiries please contact the team on or 01420 478866!