Rugby Giveaway Ideas – Rugby World Cup 2019

Rugby Giveaway Ideas – Rugby World Cup 2019

At Complete Merchandise we always recommend to our clients to look at the current trends during the time of their event or campaign.

Looking at events this year, the Rugby World Cup 2019 will be upon us on the 20th September. Being one of the most popular sports in the UK, this will be very current in all news mediums during this time, so why not jump on the band wagon of this event and look towards a Rugby themed item. This gives your clients the feel that your company is forward thinking and keeps up with trends.

Shown below are a few things that you could choose to give away.

Rugby Themed Stress Balls.

These rugby stress balls are great for relieving tension and pent up frustration of which may be common event when watching the matches. 

These Rugby stress balls come in a variety of colours, however if low qty’s or fast lead times are required then white is your best bet.

Rugby Ball Shaped Bang Bang Sticks

Rugby shape bang bang sticks are popular cheering item and/or noise maker for Rugby match days and events alike. These inflatable sticks are also known as thunder sticks or noise makers etc. These Rugby shape bang bang sticks are popular advertising method on match days offering large branding areas which are sure to be noticed. These sticks start off as white and can be Pantone matched to any design.

Size 5 Rugby Balls (Office Size)

Official size 5  Rugby Balls are ideal for Rugby Clubs and Premium Promotions Rugby Balls. Be aware there are different grade of rugby balls, so let us know what the intended use is. i.e. is it for match play or just promotion. This will determine which grade ball you will need.

Rugby Themed Keyrings

These cute little keyrings are a great promotional giveaway items. The rugby ball shaped key rings have the feel of a rugby ball, but a lower cost per unit. As the leather, rubber ones are made to order, they can carry higher minimum order quantities.  The other option would be to go for a stress key chain where minimum order quantities are lower. 

Other options should be silicone 3D rugby ball Shirt or a stress smiley rugby ball player.

Rugby Themed Chocolate

There are also options for rugby ball shaped edibles and sports themed edibles. The two options shown below cater for full colour printing.