Rugby World Cup – Promotional Product Ideas

Rugby World Cup – Promotional Product Ideas

Image - Boshers Insurance
Image – Boshers Insurance

Welcome to the dawn of the Rugby World Cup 2015, the eighth edition, proudly hosted on home soil from 18th September-31st October. The hair-raising and spine-tinglingly dramatic final will take place at the Twickenham Stadium this year.

Without a doubt, as this international sporting event drives ever closer, with it, it claws up an enormous array of opportunities for businesses to promote themselves! Lock and load your marketing guns with promotional Rugby gifts and giveaways, ranging from the very low-cost, the unique, to the most popular – Mini Rugby Balls! Remember, now is the ideal time to stock up and utilise the hype and build of excitement that will continue to snowball as the next few months past. Below, feast your eyes on some of the most popular Rugby items on offer, click on the image you like the look of and be swiftly taken through to it!

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We have many more Rugby products on, and we can source anything you like! Don’t hesitate to contact us on 01420 478866 or! Speak soon!