“Be Seen” High Visibility Arm & Shoe Bands Review for Runners & Cyclists

Promotional Be Seen arm band

“Be Seen” High Visibility Arm & Shoe Bands Review for Runners & Cyclists

 “…a product I would buy myself.”

Promotional Be Seen arm bandAs we’re moving into the darker months of the year, outdoor sporting activities such as running and cycling become a bit more ‘scary’ as visibility dramatically decreases.

As a social runner and cyclist myself, I know the main worry is whether vehicles on the road can see you. Actually if anyone can see you. The idea of a car clipping you on the way past certainly gets my heart pumping; not to mention if you’re on a tight stretch of road. Being knocked over by a car is definitely not on my to-do list, so when these promotional “Be Seen” items were bought to my attention, I was very interested to give it a try and see if it actually improves visibility/safety compared to the standard Hi-Vis reflectors on the market.

The Basics

The Be Seen Shoe & Arm band are described by the creators as:

Shoe light: An innovative lightweight LED that clips securely and comfortably to the heel of your shoe. You won’t know it’s there but you’ll be seen out in the dark.

Arm band: Attach this powerful bright light to your arm and make sure you’re seen.


Both of these Be Seen lights have a choice of red or blue lights, both of which have two modes: flashing and constant, to ensure the highest visibility. My personal favourite is the blue light, as I found this stood out more in the dark. I also used the flashing mode as I felt this mode was more eye catching than just a constant light.


Held in your hand, both items feel of high quality, like something you would expect from a high-end retail store. It doesn’t feel like a promotional item at all.


The shoe and arm band are both very light. Whilst running, I forgot I was wearing them, apart from when it was near pitch back and I could see both lights flashing behind me.


These items look very futuristic, they remind me of the tracker watches on the market at the moment. The bands are supplied in black with a coloured button (blue, red, green) that controls the light and therefore should suit all genders and ages.

Ease of use?

Just push the button once to turn it on. Push it a second time to enable to flashing mode and once more to turn the light off.


The arm and shoe band are the same price and can be purchased for . (Sold separately)

Setup, delivery and VAT are extra. (Higher the qty, the lower the unit cost)

This item would be classes as one of our higher priced promotional visibility items, however because they are both extremely useful and of high quality, I can foresee the user keeping this item for a very long time. Thus spreading the cost of say £6.00 over 3-5 years and taking into account it’s something the user would probably use on a daily basis during the darker days. This would mean your advertising spend per impression is miniscule.

For example, running 3 times a week over 6 months of the year would mean the user uses it 78 times a year. A minimum of two visual engagements with the product will take place per use (Strapping on and taking off the product): This leaves you with 156 impressions per year! To extend even further, if this product continues to be in use for 5 years, it would give you 780 impressions over time. Not bad at all.

So £6.00 over 780 impression means advertising cost of 0.008 pence per impression.  This is the same impression cost as television (see our infographic – Power for Promotional Merchandise). However with this promotional item, you know it’s with the right audience you want and there is no “hoping” or “guessing” your client will see your advertisement.

Moreover, the quality of this product will ensure the impression you give – is a damn good one!

Usefulness (for users)

Both of these items are very useful for those who are out on the roads when its dark and that need to be seen and made visible. So great for groups such as runners, cyclists or even children who are walking to and from school. To be honest I think that these gadgets would be suitable anyone who is in an environment where visibility is poor due to light – road workers or even safety marshals etc.

Does it achieve its purpose?

I believe it does. You won’t be missed when wearing the shoe or arm band as you will be seen from a good distance.

The difference I noticed the most when wearing these items whilst running was that the vehicles driving past would take a slightly wider route around me (compared to just wearing normal reflectors). This definitely made me feel safer and gave me an indication that the drivers have seen me.

Perfect for events during the winter months i.e. marathons – so that runners can see each other and therefore enhancing safety.

As a promotional item, it doesn’t show off your brand as well as other items, however I fully believe that the sleek, futuristic look and functionality of the product will stimulate the curiosity of others who see it!

Branding Options

You can print however many colours you would like but I would probably suggest keeping your print to 1 colour as your print won’t be so visible at night and the extra cost of additional print colours won’t increase the items effectiveness to show off your brand. You would probably just want something to remind your client where its from. A couple of examples shown below.

The banding area on the shoe light is opposite the button.

Print on shoe band

The branding area on the arm band is on the light itself.

print on arm band

Lead Times

Lead times come in at the standard 2 weeks from approval of artwork, however I’m sure we can sort out something sooner if you’re interested!

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a useful item which will be kept and used for years whilst promoting safety and visibility then this is the perfect promotional item for you and I think one of the most effective visibility gadgets in the promotional market today! I personally would love to receive one of these, to be honest as it worked so well, I would  buy it in the shop. However if your budget is small, then I would steer clear of this item and possibly go for something like a promotional flashing safety badge. OR alternatively if you have a selling platform (i.e. club shop), then you can potentially sell these to your members to keep them safe and to promote your club at the same time.

Our Rating


If you are interested in the Be Seen visibility lights or you just want some promotional merchandise ideas for your marketing campaign contact us on 01420 478866 or email us at info@completemerchandise.co.uk

Prices are correct for 18/09/2014, for up to date prices, please contact our sales team on 01420 478866.

UPDATE 19/09/2014:

I’ve now worn these lights on 3 occasions and would probably advise (if you have arm and shoe light) to have the same colour light. As samples I received a red arm band and blue shoe light. Whilst running down the road it seems a little like I was an American police car, example below

UPDATE 14/10/2014:

I was recently searching for lights to do with bikes however on a popular outdoor store I saw some arm band lights similar to this selling for £19.99 each! Imagine the big “Thank you” and the impression you make once giving one of these gadgets to your desired audience.

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