Stress Pop-i Review

Stress Pop-i Review


As I’m sure others would agree, unless I’m given a particular product that stands out or is unique, I won’t pay much attention to it. I definitely haven’t come across a stress toy that has been of any use and lose the appeal more or less straight away. However, since receiving this Stress Pop-i a few days ago – I haven’t be able to put it down. It may just as beneficial as playing games like 온카 when it comes to relieving stress.

The Basics

The Stress Pop-i, for a business that wants to give something a little bit different and value for money, is a good purchase. Compared to the different shapes and designs you can get for a stress ball, this one has been designed to stand out; it’s cute and quirky and a great item to squeeze. I’ve never had so much enjoyment from squeezing a ball, of which I think it all comes down to the greatly satisfying ‘popping’ noise whilst doing so. Plus let’s face it – it’s a funny gift. The added bonus is the convenience of it can stand up and not roll away, which hopefully reinforces the idea that it will sit and stay on a desk for a long time.


The Stress Pop-i can be bought in from a lower end price of £1.10. This is just pennies away from any standard shaped stress ball, making it good value for an alternative stress ball.

Here’s a breakdown of the minimum quantity (therefor the maximum individual price of the Stress Pop-i), inclusive of all charges.

250 pieces        £1.21 (ind)       £25 set up       £9.75 delivery      = Total of £337.25

Usefulness (for users)

Now compared to the promotional USB or branded pens, the Stress Pop-i wouldn’t exactly be ruled as useful. Other than offering the therapeutic squeeze, the product doesn’t offer much else, but it does look good as a desk ornament.

Does it achieve its purpose?

The Stress Pop-i designed to stand out and is great for schools, offices and business that want to offer a fun, laid back and friendly appeal. Plus, it’s bound to get fussed over (already tried and tested in the office), which of course leads to people asking ‘where did you get that from?’

Branding Options

Unfortunately the Stress Pop-i is only available as a 1 colour print, which does give the product less of an edge. Despite this, the branding area for the product is quite large. This means that, by choosing your colour of print/product carefully, it definitely stand outs more than other promotional products.

Lead Times

Lead times come in at the standard 2-3 weeks, however I’m sure we can sort out something sooner if you’re interested!

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a cheap, yet effective promotional product, the Stress Pop-i is definitely a highly desired and alternative choice to the standard ballpen or magnet. Give someone something that stands out – so you stand out too!

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