Summer Promotional Ideas 2015

Summer Promotional Ideas 2015

Around the seasonal corner approaches one of the most eventful and successful business periods of the year – summer! It is both strategic and smart to stock up your promotional weapons now, and this month’s Snapshot is a very good place to start looking! Use it as a portal to some of our greatest and newest summer products to date! 

Having mastered the summer season for almost five years running, we have built an enormous selection of summer promotional merchandise that offers something for every audience and every budget. As always, we provide you with the absolute lowest prices at incredible lead times. And if that isn’t enough, we whip up super-fast visuals for you free of charge!

Find the link for each featured product in the Snapshot listed below! Or call 01420 478866 and provide the product code for us to help!


Light Bulb Pull Lamps –  XIN-BULB  

Cooler Lunch Bags – IME-3609

Flip Flops – YPP-AP809495

Beach Balls – IME-9620

Water Containers – IME-4565

Towel Pins – MOB-MO7664

Silicone Cups – APO-SILI

Cocktail Stirrers – HIP-9711

Glow Straws – GMG-09

Sunglasses – PPT-TA0130

Surfboard Keyrings – DNK-SURFKEY

Bang Bang Sticks – BWY-CH-BNG-101

Beach Towels – BWY-BEI-TWBCH-101

Wet Wipes – IME-6080

Handheld Fan – MOB-KC6733