Take Advantage of Big Sporting Events Using Promotional Merchandise!

Take Advantage of Big Sporting Events Using Promotional Merchandise!

Throughout the years, we embrace the arrivals of many sporting giants: From Yearly Domestic Championships to World Cups and the Olympics every few years. These are but some examples of the continuous cycle of national and international sporting events that impact each one of us, whether we like it or not.

In the realms of marketing and additional sales, merchandise is the bread and butter of these games – take advantage of the wave of attention by boasting your brand alongside acclaimed sporting names. Our snapshot features an example of what you can do: “Olympics Rio – Sunfield College”. Offer consumers merchandise that allow them to visually indulge in their favourite sporting event, whilst being exposed to your brand (whether this be subconscious or conscious, it’s certainly a valuable impression).

We are fully immersed in the sport merchandise market due to its yearly success – let that be a testament to how well consumers respond! Our range spans widely from classic t-shirts; sports towels; travel merchandise; and drinkware to new-age fitness gadgets.

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Check out some products below:

Promotional Beach Towels – BWY-BEI-TWBCH-101

Circle Manual Hand Fans – MOB-it3491-10

Bracy Fitness Watches – MOB-MO8734-03

Shoop Drawstring Bags – MOB-MO7208-05

Window Luggage Tags – HIP-9922

Travel/Passport Wallet – JNP-4121

Sports Medals 

Sports Sweat Bands 

Original Lip Balm Ranges 

Fitness Towels With Pouches

Soda Bottles – PFC-10036100

Fluo Bottles – MOB-MO8310-48

Luggage Straps – MOB-MO8719

Onmood Pedometers – MOB-MO8508-03