The Hot List – Promotional Merchandise 2018

The Hot List – Promotional Merchandise 2018

The PPD Live exhibition is always a great top-up of what’s hot and what’s not in the promotional merchandise world! On a mission to fish out the newest, most on-trend, and best-selling products in the new market; we’ve gathered together a list of products that you really should get to know (if you don’t know them already)!

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Wireless Charging

Unsurprisingly, Apple has triggered yet another technological movement: The Wireless Charging Era. The four very clever charging units above include: Charging Case (top left), Charging Car Phone Holder (top right), Charging Desk Pad (bottom left), Charging Card (bottom right). Pleasantly shocked faces and a conversation filled with “oohs” and “aahs” took place when checking these items out – give your customers something innovative and exciting to chew on this year! Now that Apple has joined the wireless changing world alongside Android, you can be sure that the majority of your consumers will be able to benefit from these gifts.

Bowie Pen

These brand spanking new Bowie Pens particularly caught our wandering eyes! Soft to the touch and gorgeously weighty, these really excel when it comes to enhancing user experience. Rugged, sleek, and available in a variety of vibrant colours.

Grooming Gear

Leading the way in men’s cosmetics, this beautifully rustic grooming set is 2018’s answer to male-targeted gifting! Made of high-quality ingredients and offers retail-level results. Kit contains beard balm, beard wash, and beard oil.

Tritan Fizzy Bottles

It was simply impossible to ignore these very shiny, alien-looking pieces of drinkware! Even before the show, these Tritan Fizzy Bottles were already whirring around the great vine – and so we just had to check them out. As the name suggests, these are designed to hold fizzy drinks with ease and are available in a set of exciting colours.

Frosted Aluminium Bottles

Okay, even the name tickles my intrigue! Sleek and deceptively light, these will add class and practicality to any travel situation. These are made from high-quality aluminium and offer fantastic printing space. But the true USP lies in the surface finish: frosted aluminium. If that doesn’t scream 2018, I don’t know what does!

Enamel Mugs

Before you say: “these were soooo last year”, I will defend their return to the limelight by telling you that they are one of our bestsellers, and are still killing it in 2018! Charmingly rustic and offer great printing space for brands and messages to really shine.

Anti-Theft Backpacks

These beautiful, pod-like bags are a thieves worst enemy! Boasting a few very subtle design changes to your classic backpack, these will keep your zips and openings well hidden and out of reach. What’s more, the clever material used will prevent sharp objects from piercing through. And as if that wasn’t good enough, these are seamlessly fitted with a powerbank to charge your devices. I think you’re good to go, my friend!

Keyrings that WOW

Wow, wow, wow! Our Benita turned into a bit of a girly mess when shown these charming keyrings. Why go for your generic, low-cost-looking keyrings when you can pay a little more for something that’s going to wow your recipient. These are perfect for companies that manufacture Ear cuff jewellery, chakra stones, cosmetic companies, banks, weddings, and many more!

Alcohol-Scented Lip Balm

Now these are really pushing the boat out for branded lip balms. Having tested them first hand, I can tell you that they smell and taste like the real thing! Everything about these screamed high-end and high-quality to us. These are perfect for bars, cosmetic companies, university starter packs, festivals, and more.

Gun-Metal Thermal Mugs

Introducing the James Bond of thermal mugs! This has made it to the hot list based on its embodiment of so many awesome new features: an all-over, transparent plastic lid design; unique curved body in premium metal; handle-free design; and non-slip grip on the bottom. Get yours now!

Packaging that rocks

Alongside the surge of build-quality and finish, we saw a clear rise on the importance of great packaging. Nothing lifts the value of a product more than a well-designed piece of premium packaging. The photos above are examples of effective types of packaging: single pen case (top left), all-over-print boxes (top right), engraved metal plates (bottom left), bespoke foam inserts to cater for any small items (bottom right).

Notebooks! Notebooks! Notebooks!

No hot list is without notebooks! Continuously outselling most of our other top products, these deserve a solid position in today’s blog. The images above display but a small variety of the huge amount of different notebook designs that we saw at the exhibition. They varied in materials used, sizes, print capabilities, and more! The trend seems to be to offer something a little different.

Low-Cost Infuser Bottles

The promotional weapon of summer. Infuser Bottles always excel towards the warmer side of the year, and this time we have low prices on our side too! Boasting a light build, squeezable body, huge print area, and fruit-infusing mechanism inside; these make for fantastic promotional gifts that won’t cost you a pretty penny. So what are you waiting for?

Popular Bags

These three types of bags will never let you down – our sale records say so! Repeat orders and huge quantities really illustrate how well-received these bags are. Images above: cotton bags (left), gift bags (centre), foldable bags (right).

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