The Promotional Pen Collection 2015

The Promotional Pen Collection 2015

Our promotional pen collection 2015 ranges from low-cost plastic pens, novel ballpens, premium-feel rollerball pens, the stunning Senator and Prodir ranges, executive pens, multi-functional/specialised pens, styluses and more!

There’s something for everyone, every budget and purpose. Whether it be a promotional campaign, event, session or exhibition; or simply a brand reinforcing visual around your company or retail store – you’ll find something absolutely perfect in this range. We’ve obviously included our “Top Five Promotional Pens in the Market” in this collection too!

We supply truly unbeatable prices with our ‘we’ll beat any quote’ policy, and offer super-fast lead times. If you require anything assistance, call 01420 478866 or email us at!

Below the image, are the links to each of the individual pens on display, click on the link to be taken through to it – simple!





Use the numbers to locate the pen you want to see!

1. X-One Plastic Ballpens – TPWX1SB

2. Contour Frost Pens – TPWCOFB

3. Contour Full Colour Wrap Ballpen – TPW-CBWRP

4. Spectrum Max Ballpens – TPWSCMB

5. Alaska Frost Ballpens – TPWAKSB

6. X-One Frost Grip Ballpens TPWX1FG

7. DS3.1 | Prodir PRO-DS3.1

8. DS9 | Prodir – PRO-DS9

9. Challenger | Senator – SEN-CHA

10. Nautic Metal Pen | Senator – SEN-NAU

11. Nature Plus | Senator – SEN-NAT

12. Woody Retractable Ballpens – TPWWORB

13. Milan Ballpens – SEU-PE1470

14. Electra Ballpens – TPWELSB

15. HL Stylus Pens – PEN-21501

16. Lowton 3-in-1 Pens – PEN-921191

17. Banner Ballpens – TPW-BNSB

18. Popper Crayons – TPWPOSP

19. Duo Highlighter Pen | Senator – SEN-DUOPEN

20. Syringe-shaped Highlighters – IME-1060

21. Lipstick Pen IME-2691

22. Grafton Rollerballs – TPWGARB

23. Da Vinci Lucerne Rollerballs – TPWLUSR

24. President | Senator – SEN-PRE

25. Leather-Look Gift Boxes – TPW-PB90