Top 10 Winter Giveaway Ideas!

Top 10 Winter Giveaway Ideas!

Top 10 Winter Giveaway Ideas from Complete Merchandise!

In the words of Jon Snow – Winter is coming! Hence, it’s time for businesses to heat things up with some magical Winter giveaways. Complete Merchandise is here to make sure your brand stays cozy and memorable throughout the season. Check out our Top 10 Winter Giveaway ideas! 

Winter Essential Merchandise Fleece. Custom branded Fleece. uniform Fleece. black fleece. Red Fleece. Green fleece. Blue Fleece. Custom Printed Uniform.

Thor III fleece

Experience outdoor comfort with the Thor III fleece. Crafted from anti-pill fleece, it's quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and boasts zipped pockets. Customise it with your brand logo via print or embroidery. Amazing for winter uniform!

Winter Essential merchandise. Custom printed Travel mug. Printed travel Mug. Custom Travel Mug. Premimum Travel mug.

Colorissimo Travel Mug

Introducing our leakproof stainless steel travel mug, a winter essential for on-the-go warmth. With double walls for excellent temperature retention and a non-slip rubber-feel finish, it's both practical and safe. Certified food-safe and BPA-free, it's available in various colours and can be customised with your logo, either engraved or printed. Each mug comes elegantly packaged in a box, making it a thoughtful gift for clients or employees.

winter merchadise essential. printed ice scraper glove. custom printed ice scraper. Ice scraper glove in red. ice scraper glove in blue. ice scraper glove in black.

WARMIX Ice Scraper Mitten

Get a grip on winter with our plastic ice scraper featuring a warm protective glove. Available in Black, Blue, Red, White, and customisable with full-color or reflective print. Embrace your logo's full potential with this essential Winter merchandise.

Luxury 12 Choc Box

Indulge in our exquisite Luxury 12 Choc Box, filled with exquisite truffles in various flavours. Handcrafted in the UK with eco-friendly packaging. Share your Brand logo and heartfelt messages with full digital colour to the box. An incredible Winter essential giveaway!

Winter essential giveaway. Custom Heart-Shaped Hand Warmer. Promotional Handwarmer. Heart Handwarmer.

Heart Hand Warmer

Our Heart Hand Warmer: Effortlessly activated by pressing the internal metal plate. Reusable with hot water, eliminating battery needs. Customise it with a one-color screen print to showcase your brand. With a low minimum order, it's the perfect fit for events and promotional giveaways!

Sony On Ear Headphones

Discover the Sony ZX310 headphones – wired and customisable with double-sided doming. Crafted for comfort and durability, they stay put during activity. Enjoy wireless convenience and extended battery life. Ideal for Winter giveaways - a custom branded gift that resonates with clients, employees, and partners.

Juice Power Bank. Juice Promotional Power Bank.

Juice 8000mAh Wireless Powerbank

The Juice 8000mAh power bank with a sleek aluminum housing. It offers versatile charging options. With its lithium polymer battery, it can fully charge smartphones multiple times. Customisable with your logo, this is an amazing luxury giveaway for clients, employees, or partners

Winter giveaway essential. Cozy Blanket Branded giveaway. luxury give away. Custom printed blanket.

DAVOS Flannel Blanket

Elevate your brand with our DAVOS Blanket Flannel, a premium 280 gr/m² fleece blanket, expertly branded with your logo. Presented elegantly, it creates a personalised experience, reinforcing your brand identity. A cozy Winter essential.

Winter Giveaway essential. Personalised Ancient High Vanilla Candles. Low Minimum Order Branded Candles. Customised Bamboo Lid Vanilla Candles. Elegant Glass Vessel Scented Candles.

Vanilla Fragranced Candle

Elevate your brand with our Ancient High Vanilla-scented candles. Customisable with your logo, these candles come in stylish glass jars with bamboo lids. Low minimum orders and quick delivery make them perfect for events, client gifts, and more. Make a lasting impression with custom branded candles.

Valuestorm Golf Umbrella. Custom Printed Value Umbrella. Promotional Umbrella. Printed Promotional Umbrella.

Valuestorm Golf Umbrella

This Winter, face rain or snow with confidence, flaunting your brand logo and event spirit with our custom umbrellas. Also, our umbrellas offer full-color options and panel printing choices to fit your aesthetic. A Winter essential!

Why should you invest in Winter merchandise?

 Well, besides keeping your clients warm, it’s a fantastic way to boost your brand visibility.

These items aren’t just practical; they’re fun to receive. Every time your clients reach for that branded mug or cozy scarf, they’ll be reminded of your company and the thoughtful gift you provided.

So, whether it’s a staff giveaway, a memorable event souvenir, or simply a way to raise your brand’s Winter game, Complete Merchandise has got you covered.

This winter, make your brand stand out like a snowflake in a blizzard – unique, beautiful, and impossible to forget. Happy branding, and stay warm!