Top 5 Promotional Pens in the Market

Top 5 Promotional Pens in the Market


The wonderful truth about promotional pens is that every business and consumer is likely to have used, bought or received one. No other  promotional merchandise choice comes close to emulating such a statement. 

However, amongst a consequently oversaturated world of pen shapes, styles and sizes – how can one possible choose? Not to worry, we’ve come to make this easier for you! This blog reveals our top five promotional pens in the market; included, are their strengths and features that help make them special. Please note: the order is random.


1. Alaska Pens

Great surface finish, low-cost, and lightweight.

Frost is the new polish; and potentially looks better than clear! This surface style is a powerful way to transform even the most woeful of pen shapes into something with a greater perceived value. Encased in frost finish and designed with simplicity and subtleness in mind – we introduce the promotional Alaska Ballpen.



2. Milan Pens

Premium, sophisticated, but still affordable. 

In seconds, the Milan ballpen will provide any promotional campaign, desktop, shirt pocket, or gift pack with just the right amount of sophistication; a look that demands respect. The Milan ballpen is the most expensive of the five, but as soon as you hold and use it, you’ll understand why. The quality of build and ink flow is not easily matched inside this price range. Even the push-button is exciting in it’s distinctiveness.



3. Contour Pens

Absolute bestseller, cheap, and highly customisable. 

These relentlessly popular pens move more units than any other pen in the market and has worn this crown for five years running – what more needs to be said! The Contour pen range is staggeringly cheap, embodies the visual qualities of a more premium pen and features a grip which significantly enhances comfort of use. Moreover, the push-button mechanism feels beautifully smooth and tough, unlike a vast majority of low-cost promotional pens. Offering full-colour-wrap print, stylus option, gel ink, and different colour/surface-finish combinations.



4. Challenger Pens

Affordable, smart simplicity, office favourite, and writes well. 

This promotional pen makes the list as a result of our four-month mission scouring the market for a pen that could represent us in the best possible way without blowing a hole through the side of our budget pot. After a hilariously lengthy period of meticulous testing, mock-ups and, believe it or not, group surveys to find a branded pen that worked for us, we finally chose the Challenger! Why? Well, first let’s talk about what we wanted: affordability, style, simplicity, a specific pink (the colour range on offer is incredibly expansive); and very importantly, flawless ink flow that won’t let you down! The challenger met all of these specs with flying colours.



5. Electra Pens

Low-cost, metallic finish, with sleek contours.  

Fantastically low-cost with the visual imitation of something that exists in a much higher price bracket. This promotional pen wonderfully combines glamour with a touch of something quite sexy! The build is incredibly strong, durable, and feels great to hold and use. If you’re looking for something that could stand against the top tier brands without costing you an arm and a leg, look no further, the Electra Pen will serve you well.



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