Top 5 Promotional Trends to look for in October 2019!

Promotional October Trends

Top 5 Promotional Trends to look for in October 2019!

There’s no need to be scared of Halloween themed merchandise, these fun and light hearted seasonal giveaways are the perfect opportunity to make your clients scream (with delight).

1. Halloween – Spooky Merchandise for the Spookier time of year

Of course a clear favourite is sweets, from yummy jelly brains for the zombie office workers to bottles of blood for the little vampires (don’t worry; it’s just cherry flavoured pop). Or if you don’t want to spook your customers too much brand small bags and jars of sweets with your logo and any Halloween themed artwork, filled with delicious jelly beans, chocolate beanies, skittles and even millions!

Alternatively if you would like to offer something that lasts a little longer, a tote bag is perfect for trick or treaters. Printed with your brand, these bags will come out with the kids every year to collect their weight in sweets and chocolate! Or, keeping on trend with reusability, cups and travel mugs for customers to take with them for when they go to get their spooky limited edition Halloween drinks. Or just a pumpkin spiced latte…

2. Tea Bags and Coffee Sachets to keep you warm!

Help your clients battle the incoming cold with our promotional tea bags and coffee sachets, with branding up to full colour you can print your logo, company details or even a quirky design onto your client’s morning coffee sachet or relaxing afternoon tea bag.

With such a huge range of tea flavours like classic black tea, refreshing green tea or some splendid fruit teas it may be difficult to choose but then there’s no harm in trying them all, there are even fair trade options for even more choice. Or if you like something stronger there’s always delicious coffees, from simple instant coffee to a more premium Columbian coffee sachet, full flavoured with a hint of orange and nuts for the coffee connoisseur.

Better go put the kettle on!

3. Biscuits – The yummy accompaniment to your hot drinks this autumn.

If there’s one thing I love more than coffee, it’s a good biscuit to go with it.

And with the cooler and more drizzly weather now in effect, it’s a good time to think about the little things that could cheer up your clients as they bundle up preparing for Winter. And what better way than to offer a biscuit or cookie to go with your client’s hot cup of tea, with some classic biscuit flavours like rich tea, chocolate digestive and custard creams to yummy cookies and (if you’re feeling more adventurous) Dutch Waffles.

Or be a step ahead and gift your customer one of the small bundles we offer like our tea break snack pack which includes tea, sugar, milk and two shortcake biscuits. Other options include coffee, hot chocolate and even soup to help battle the October chills!

4. Food Festivals and Markets

Who doesn’t love a good food festival or market? Trying new and interesting foods is exciting and a perfect opportunity to get your brand out to a new audience.  From simple but effective printed napkins, paper plates and other containers to hand out yummy treats in to branded cutlery and chopsticks to eat the delicious food you’re offering, it all helps to cement your name in a customer’s mind.

Our personal favourite are the food flags, whether they are labelling certain foods or flavours like the spice levels Nando’s is famous for or something charming to put on the top of a burger or sandwich we love these unique and cost effective food topper.

And you can stick with your new customer after they’ve finished their meal with some reusable promotional merchandise like some cotton tote bags to take away any leftovers or sauces they might purchase or give away some quirky t-shirts on par with any new and wacky food you’re introducing!

5. Advent Calendars – Get them before the deadline

You may think that this is a little (or a lot) too early however with Advent Calendars the sooner you order them the better, don’t forget that the deadline is 18th October so better get cracking!

The best part about Advent Calendars is that your customer will be looking at them every day from the beginning of December in order to get their chocolate fix meaning they will see your brand every day as well, with their small, lightweight and compact design they can go just about anywhere and be accessible from the desk to a bedside table or out of reach from the kids.

And with branding up to full colour and personalised messages inside the doors you can let your imagination run wild with design ideas which can make your client laugh, remind them of deals or dates or just get them really excited for Christmas.

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