Top 5 Promotional Trends to look for in September 2019!

Top 5 Promotional Trends to look for in September 2019!

1. Replacing Caps with Beanies in anticipation for Autumn.

Autumn is approaching faster than we would care to admit so instead of fearing the colder weather, embrace it with some promotional beanies! They can be commonly found on store gondola fixtures across various malls and marts.

With a great range of colours and designs it’s easy to see why they are popular with clubs, travel companies and anyone who wants to keep their clients warm. Print or embroider your logo for fantastic brand awareness as we all prepare to tough out the classic English weather this upcoming Autumn.

2. Travel Cups, the MVP of 2019!

It goes without saying that travel cups have been a saviour this year so far and shows no signs of slowing down, as well as reducing our use of single use plastics they have also saved us money as Starbucks and other large coffee chains introduced an additional charge ‘latte levy’ for single use cups to help reduce waste.

And it doesn’t stop there, with a lot of our travel mugs and tumblers being made from environmentally conscience materials for example using recyclable plastic, like our Universal range, and our bamboo drinkware range being made from sustainable bamboo material.

Want something more high-end?  Then try our wide range of metal travel mugs that look and feel premium without breaking the bank. The possibilities are quite literally endless when it comes to travel mugs and that’s why we definitely see them being another huge hit in September!

3. Rugby and Cricket

Perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves when we start talking about Autumn, but there may be a few sheds of sunlight left, and what better way to enjoy it then cheering on your favourite team in the Cricket or Rugby World Cup!

Make some noise with our hand clappers, stadium horns or bang bang sticks, or cheer a little quieter with some foam hands and mitts printed with your team colours. And these aren’t limited to international sporting events, brand with your logo for an upcoming outdoor event or liven up a corporate event with some wacky but memorable crowd merchandise.

4. Beer Festivals

What do you get when you combine two of the nations favourite things?

Beer festivals!

And with that comes some great opportunities to get your brand out there, our Arena cups are perfect for your local beer festivals so you can enjoy what there is to offer without the inclusion of single use plastic cups and also make great keepsakes!

Other great giveaways are bottle opener key rings (always a favourite), coasters and beer mats. Our selection of pub style snacks like peanuts, crackers and cheesy nibbles also make the perfect accompaniment to beer tasting.

5. Power banks and chargers

These are an all year round crowd pleaser however with a load of new phone releases announced for September this is the best time to get your name out there and keep your customers in touch with tech trends. From power banks to wireless chargers to keep up to date with current mobile tech and a huge range of print areas and techniques to accommodate for every logo.

Some of our favourites include our range of bamboo wireless chargers (MOB-MO9434), which are very in keeping with the theme of sustainability right now. Our flat power banks (MOB-MO8735), perfect for clients on the move as they’re flat shape are perfect for small bags and pockets and the Combi charging speaker (MOB-MO9450). The amazing combination of a speaker and wireless charger so you can listen to tunes whilst topping up your battery!

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