Top 5 Promotional Trends to look out for in December 2019!

Top 5 Promotional Trends to look out for in December 2019!

Last minute Christmas gifts!

Feel like you’ve left everything till the last minute? Don’t fret! We have some wonderful gift ideas which can be turned around quickly, just in time for Christmas.

A couple of our favourites are a Christmas mug with spoon, with its charming festive design and a spoon perfect for scooping up the marshmallows in your hot chocolate. Or perhaps our selection of Christmas tree ornaments which come in a range of shapes and materials, our personal favourites are the wooden hangers and chocolate Christmas baubles which come in gift boxes. All make a fabulous gift before everyone breaks up for the holidays!

 Fancy something a little different? Then why not brand one of our many products with a Christmas themed design like our range of tech products, printed with a festive version of your logo these would make a wonderful gift. Or as a joke present, a piggy bank to help save for next year!

Health and fitness for the New Year!

After a month (or two) of gorging on chocolate it’s time to jump on the healthy bandwagon, which means health and fitness merchandise! Invest in some branded equipment like dumbbells, skipping ropes and even resistance bands for use in the gym, all printed with your logo to make your gym stand out from the rest.

And during their workout keep them hydrated with our range of branded water bottles, perfect as a giveaway to new and existing member and with a variety of print areas your logo will look good on any bottle. Want to give gym goers a healthy after workout snack? Offer them any of one of our healthier snack options like cereal of muesli bars or some organic products like banana chips and fruit and nut mixes, perfect for refuelling.

Ice scrapers for the Winter frost.

As the festive period draws in closer that’s also means one thing, frost. But don’t let it bring you down though, make sure you’re prepared with our promotional ice scrapers. You’d be surprised how many colours and shapes these come in, from the standard shape we all know and love to triangular shaped and even scrapers which come with a glove to keep your hand warm. You’ll be sure to find something that goes well with your brand and to giveaway to your customers this winter season.

Ponchos and Umbrellas for the rainy weather!

If you’re not fighting the frost and snow then you’ll definitely be battling the more traditional British weather, rain. Don’t let you clients battle it alone with our incredible range of umbrellas. From the easy to use and convenient foldable umbrellas, easy to pop away in a handbag or carry around when shopping. Or go big with our golf umbrellas, handy for the longer treks or for when there is more than one person to shelter from the rain. Print you logo to multiple panels on any of our standard colour umbrellas or go full bespoke with your own brand colours, regardless they will brighten up your client’s day when the weather is grey and gloomy.

Alternatively give your customers protection they can wear with our promotional ponchos, branded from 1 spot colour to full colour these are great for outdoor events and come in a vast range of colour and materials, even degradable eco ponchos for the more environmentally conscience.

Upcoming exhibitions and conferences to prepare for!

With the New Year also comes the exhibition and conference season, the prefect opportunity to meet new potential customers and also give them the perfect promotional merchandise to leave a good impression.

Easy favourites are sweets, small bags of jelly beans and skittles or any other of our vast range of sweets. Or perhaps another classic giveaway would be any of our paper products like sticky notes and notebooks, once printed will remain on your customer’s desk or at home for them to use and remind them or your company. All can be packed into our printed luxury paper carrier bags with rope handles as the perfect giveaway pack!

Maybe you want to do something a little different? We recently saw an idea in which paper cups, which can be filled with coffee and tea at the beginning of the exhibition and carried around with them, have a printed message which will help exhibitors at the stand what they’ll wish to talk about. A seemingly small detail which makes a huge difference for the visitors and exhibitors.

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