Top 5 ‘Work from Home’ Promotional Giveaways You Definitely Need!

Top 5 ‘Work from Home’ Promotional Giveaways You Definitely Need!

Following Government guidance, hundreds of thousands of office staff will now be working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. ‘To apply for spousal sponsorship application Canada, you must submit an application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and provide all the required documents, including proof of your relationship, evidence of your financial support, and any other relevant information.

So in order to help those working from home, the team at Complete Merchandise have created an essential list of products we’re sure you’ll need to during your new work day…

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Webcam Covers for privacy!

Having a bad hair day? Don’t want your colleagues to see on the morning web meeting? We have your back here at Complete Merchandise with our range of webcam covers!

These small but handy tech essentials are great for a giveaway as they are light and easy to hand out, or post in the current situation. And have great branding potential as these can not only be branded to the webcam cover itself but also come with a header card that can be branded up to full colour.

Headphones to help you focus!

If you’re like me and working in the living room at home it is hard to focus whilst the other family members, who are also at home, watch TV and keep busy whilst staying indoors.

Ensure no distractions with our selection of headphones, from in ear to overhead we’re sure you’ll find something to help keep you on task by listening to classical music or your favourite Dubstep track (hey we don’t judge). Some of our headphones also come with a microphone, making it easy to communicate with your team and customers without the hassle of taking your headphones off.

Mouse for your laptop!

For most using a laptop, it’s a weird experience going from a desk and PC to your sofa and your mac book, try and regain some normalcy with a promotional mouse.

From the classic style we all know and love to more modern wireless styles which can help you be more portable in the home when finding that perfect working spot. No matter what style you prefer, we’re sure you’ll find something that goes with your brand and would look great with your logo printed on.

A mug for the morning, lunch and afternoon caffeine hit…

When is a mug ever not needed? Never is our opinion here at CM!

Mugs will never go out of fashion, with their re-usability and branding potential they have been a promotional merchandise staple for countless years and for the caffeine lovers who will be working from home during this time, they’ll certainly continue to be appreciated.

Corkscrew, decanters and pint glasses for the evening tipple!

Now we’re all working from home the good news is no more morning and evening commute, meaning when the work day ends, you can treat yourself with a little drink (within reason of course).

We have a staggering (hehe) range of merchandise perfect for the occasion, from corkscrews and bottle openers to charming decanters. Pint and wine glasses all of which can be branded and all are great for when the pubs and restaurants are closed.

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