Top Christmas Business Gift Ideas 2014

Top Christmas Business Gift Ideas 2014


How do you find the perfect gift for your customers amongst today’s ultra colourful explosion of Christmas choices?

Before we even set foot into November, festive products will have already taken siege of our shop shelves and shopping screens, promising consumers, like you, that they are just what you need this Christmas! So how ever can you know which gift does the trick for your business?


It’s time to break the Christmas market down a tad, strip away the buzzwords and give generic jargon the hand!

The solution all starts with you! It requires you to think about the ‘specifications’ of your gift. How do you intend on capturing the attention of your customers? What do you want your business to say?

Below, we have hand-selected some magical gifts and categorised them into a list of specifications for you. Use it to inspire yourself and unravel “Top Christmas Gift Ideas” that are truly for you!


Fortunately for your wallets, you don’t necessarily need an expensive product to achieve positive, lasting impressions!


Tickle the curiosity of your customers by selecting something that is unique and innovative; provide them with a magical element of surprise this year.


A more thoughtful gift that goes beyond the generic Christmas decorated pen is more likely to induce a stronger connection with your customers.

Long Lasting

Are you looking for a gift that will endure many more Christmases to come, maintaining your brand in the visual space of all the right people, for longer?


The usefulness of your gift is a key factor that determines how often your brand is seen. Bestow a gift that your customers will use on a daily basis; ensure your name is constantly in their direct or peripheral vision!


We exist in a more environmentally conscious society today, so why not think about sending not just a Christmas message, but an eco-friendly message with it too.

Perfect For Kids

Let’s not forget about the young’uns!

For those who are in need of a gift which crosses over a couple or a few of these categories, please don’t hesitate to call us as we have thousands of products that we can filter down for you!

Let us help you on your quest for the perfect gift this Christmas!

Please call 01420 478866 or email us at info@completemerchandise for any help on our branded products!

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